WWE Alum Al Snow Explains How Pro Wrestling Is 'Just Like' Every Other Business

Al Snow knows a thing or two about the pro wrestling business, from having performed in the original ECW as well as WWE, to being the current co-owner of Ohio Valley Wrestling, which he purchased in June 2018 from wrestling legend Danny Davis. He recently talked about the industry on an episode of "Busted Open Radio" and said it's not entirely different than any other. 


Snow believes you have to create a product, which is the wrestlers themselves, who then create their own product.

"Then you try to market and advertise and promote to draw a customer base or a fanbase," he said. "The only difference is, if you buy a Jimmy John's franchise, it's pretty straightforward: you make good sandwiches and then make sure the public knows where you're at and they can get them and you try to motivate them to come and buy the sandwiches. But, you know, in professional wrestling, your sandwiches all have their own their desires, their own goals, their own wants, their own neuroticisms, their own egos."

Snow said it's not a simple thing for an outsider to understand, and feels it's a "very different and very unique" business in that respect. Snow has previously said that running OVW, an independent promotion, has been a struggle "on every level" and that he's doing something that "everyone" says can't be done anymore. 


OVW was recently highlighted on Netflix documentary series "The Wrestlers," showcasing Snow as well as the talent in the promotion. He has said the long-term plan he has for OVW is to build it "into a functioning regional operation." Snow said if he pushed the talent and the production even more, he would be able to provide a national experience on a regional budget to a larger audience, though not to the same extent as WWE.