Seth Rollins Praises Recent Episode Of WWE Raw, Talks Working With Returning Stars

Seth Rollins will face one of his most challenging WrestleMania's ever this weekend when he takes on The Rock and Roman Reigns on Night 1 of WrestleMania 40 while putting his title on the line during Night 2 against Drew McIntyre. Ahead of the event, Rollins sat down with "The Ringer" and looked back at last week's "WWE RAW" and the influx of returning talent. Rollins shared his opinion on many returning stars, like CM Punk — who he didn't mention by name — and how he doesn't cast judgment on anyone as their jump only serves to uplift WWE in the long run.


"I kind of don't pass a whole lot of judgment on anybody if they think they're not being used up to their potential. Having options for performers is only going to make the business stronger, and it's only going to make WWE stronger." During the aforementioned "RAW," Rollins notably got into a standoff with both McIntyre and Punk, despite the show later being stolen by the brutal beatdown Cody Rhodes faced at the hands of Rock. "In [the] 12 years that I've been here, I think this may be the best episode of "Monday Night Raw" I've ever been a part of. You had incredible talent across the board, everybody pushing boundaries in front of an electric-hot crowd in Chicago."

It remains to be seen if Rollins will emerge victorious on "The Grandest Stage of Them All," and whether he can make history again alongside his wife, Becky Lynch, as the two did during WrestleMania 35, considering that Lynch will have a shot at Rhea Ripley's WWE Women's World Championship.