Tony Khan Says Recently Released Anthony Henry Will Be Back In AEW & ROH, Henry Reacts

AEW CEO Tony Khan has come under fire as of late after releasing several AEW/ROH performers from their contracts. The most controversial release was that of The Workhorsemen's Anthony Henry — not just because he's impressed many fans alongside his partner JD Drake, but because he's been out injured with a broken jaw since March 2024.


Khan was asked about Henry in the recent ROH Supercard of Honor media call, as well as the idea that he had previously been against releasing talent prior to the expiration of their contracts. The AEW President explained that if the company wants to grow, it will need a war chest of money, and because of that, the budget needs to be regularly checked. As for Henry, though, Khan has had a change of heart.

"I've had a little bit of time to reflect and think about it," Khan said. "Anthony's going to be healing up soon, and I thought about it, and Anthony's going to come back to AEW and ROH when he's cleared, which is going to be pretty soon."

Khan explained that he has worked something out that will allow Henry back into the company once he has fully recovered, but made sure to note that every situation is different and that when it comes to the expansion of All Elite Wrestling, cuts will have to be made at certain points.


Anthony Henry was very happy to hear about this

Following the announcement that he had been released, Anthony Henry received a large amount of support online to the point that The Workhorsemen's one and only t-shirt (which ironically is the x-ray of Henry's broken jaw) became one of AEW's best-selling items. Henry admitted that he thought about retiring once he initially found out he was let go before changing his mind and instead opting to discuss where he could possibly travel to in the near future.


Then he heard what Khan said on the Supercard of Honor media call, and the mood on his X feed completely changed. He first posted a GIF of himself and JD Drake making their entrance at a DPW event with the caption "We're so back!" One fan asked Henry if he had found out the news at the same time as everyone else did, to which he confirmed that he was contacted beforehand to discuss the deal Khan mentioned in the call.

Henry went on to post an official statement that read: "What a week! Obviously, I was not happy with what happened earlier in the week. However, I am ecstatic about being back! I believe in the locker room at AEW and cannot wait to be back in action. To those who voiced their support for me this week: thank you from the bottom of my heart. I never knew that what I do impacted so many. I've never had anyone rally behind me like that. It is an unreal feeling. I love you all. See you soon!" His partner, JD Drake, went on to put both AEW and ROH on notice with a statement of his own, claiming that in four weeks time, both companies are going to get a big wake up call.