Roxanne Perez Dominates Lyra Valkyria, Wins WWE NXT Women's Title At Stand & Deliver

Roxanne Perez is a two time "WWE NXT" Women's Champion after tapping out Lyra Valkyria with a crossface at "NXT" Stand & Deliver. Perez targeted Valkyria's injured shoulder, an injury she suffered at the hands of Perez weeks ago when she had to be stretchered out of the Performance Center. Perez dominated the former champion to start, beating down on her shoulder and going for multiple submissions.


Valkyria was able to battle back, but was not able to lift her challenger due to the injury. At one point in the match, Valkyria was hit with a Tornado DDT on the floor after Perez dove to the outside. Tatum Paxley also appeared ringside at one point to help her friend Valkyria when she was down in the corner, but did not interfere in the match, even when Perez went to stomp on the former champion's arm. Valkyria was able to escape the stomp, but couldn't capitalize again.

Perez attempted to get Valkyria into a crossface submission multiple times, and the two traded pin attempts back and forth. Perez was finally able to hit a Pop Rox, turning it in to another crossface attempt, this time locking it in. Valkyria attempted to get to the ropes, but Perez regained control. Valkyria tapped out in the middle of the ring, and Perez regained the "NXT" Women's Championship clean.