The Boys Post Detailed Denial Of Tony Khan Claims About ROH Firing, Khan Responds

Both The Boys and Tony Khan have offered more on the situation after Khan cut the tag team from his AEW/ROH roster. Khan had stated that Brandon and Brent Tate had failed to show up for work multiple times ahead of Supercard of Honor last night. His words prompted a response from Brandon on social media addressing their side of things. 


"We had planned to stay quiet publicly about our release to take nothing away from the biggest show of the year for ROH in Supercard tonight out of respect to the locker room that will be on it. Due to Tony's comments and the numerous fans, media outlets, friends and co-workers that have reached out to us, that isn't an option anymore," he wrote. "On March 16, our scheduled date following "Dalton losing custody", for the first time in our history of flying in North America previously with Sinclair ROH and now Tony Khan's ROH, our travel was booked out of Nashville instead of our home airport of Knoxville."


It was further explained how The Boys were informed of their release in a call with management and HR, during which they asked whether it was down to their travel issues. However, according to Brandon, they were assured it was a decision due to budget cuts. It was revealed that they have since reached out to Khan, but have yet to hear back as it pertains to their release. Brandon Tate openly recognized that their statement on the matter may come at the detriment of their career, but he argued that they had no choice following what Khan had said.

Tony Khan disputes The Boys' version of events

Brandon Tate further shared a group text exchange involving his brother and an unnamed AEW representative, which showed them trying to work out their travel issues until it was clear they couldn't make the show. Khan addressed their social media response during the press conference following Supercard of Honor, affirming he stood by what he said, but would be open to working with them again in the future.


"I have not seen their exact statement. After the show, I heard a little bit of this as I was coming back. I stand by what I said. Also, I've only owned ROH for two years ... It was my call to bring them back, I like their presentation with Dalton and I like them both personally, I've had a lot of good experiences with them. I would be open to working with them again in the future ... There have been times, for my era of ROH, and I've been told, from the company I inherited, other times in the past, I'm just going off my experiences. There are two sides to that story. I know yesterday they said 'stay tuned,' I stayed tuned, then I heard, and I am not moved ... I disagree with the point on travel and in the history of ROH, and working with us, that there hadn't been a couple of times where they didn't make and it made me change stuff. On the other hand, I really like both of them. Whether we agree or not about that point of contention, I think it's regardless. They were great and a great part of Dalton's act. I like both of them." said Khan. (h/t Fightful)


The Boys were released alongside Anthony Henry — who has since been promised to return — as well as Dasha Gonzalez, Stu Grayson, Gravity, Jose The Assistant, Slim J, Parker Boudreaux and Jora Johl.