Mark Henry & Bully Ray React To AEW Dynamite Contract Signing

This past Wednesday, "AEW Dynamite" concluded with a contract signing between AEW World Champion Samoa Joe and Swerve Strickland as the two prepare to face one another later this month at AEW Dynasty. Speaking on "Busted Open Radio," WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry and Bully Ray offered their respective thoughts on the segment.


"I thought it was awesome," Henry said. "Swerve Strickland's on fire. And even the physicality — the physicality wasn't wrestling. That was — 'Man, screw you.' 'No, screw you.' ... The headbutt to the face, and you see the knot rise up on Joe. I mean, it was instantaneous like the cartoon. ... He shoot headbutted Swerve in the face. I'm like, 'What the hell is going on? We gonna sign in blood now?'"

Henry said that the segment was so good that he would happily pay for the upcoming pay-per-view if he didn't already work at AEW. Bully responded by complimenting the contract signing as well, favorably comparing the feud to the TNA rivalry between Joe and Kurt Angle.

"The only thing that I would've changed was the amount of times Joe punched Swerve in the jaw with a chain wrapped around his hand," Bully said. "He hit him between 12 and 15 times. ... He shouldn't really get back up. ... I probably would've just popped him once with the chain in the jaw, knocked him out cold."


Other than that small criticism, Bully stated that he loved the segment, including the use of blood to sign the contract and Joe's shocked reaction to Swerve rising to his feet after being knocked down. Before moving on, Bully shared the possibly divisive opinion that the Swerve-Samoa Joe story has been "WWE-esque" in execution.

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit "Busted Open Radio" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.