Damian Priest Leaves WWE WrestleMania 40 With World Heavyweight Title Thanks To CM Punk

The Judgment Day's Damian Priest cashed in his Money in the Bank contract during Night 2 of WrestleMania 40 — with a little help from CM Punk, who was on commentary for the initial match.

Drew McIntyre won the World Heavyweight Championship from Seth Rollins in the night's opening match with a Claymore Kick in a battle of finishers. McIntyre started off the match against Rollins hot, hitting the Claymore within seconds and attempting to pin the former champion. McIntyre and Rollins traded finishers and attempts at them throughout the match. At one point, Rollins was able to hit a Stomp from the Spanish announce desk to McIntyre's head on the English announce desk. McIntyre was still able to pull out the victory and took the championship ringside to his wife. He then got in Punk's face; Punk swept McIntyre — who was on top of the announce desk at that point — off his feet, took off his triceps brace, and started to beat the new champion down.


That's when Priest's music hit. The former Punishment Martinez ran down the ramp with the briefcase, hit McIntyre with it, rolled back in the ring, and cashed in, hitting the South of Heaven for the win. Priest met the rest of The Judgment Day at the top of the ramp in celebration, leaving Philadelphia the new World Heavyweight Champion one night after he and Finn Balor lost the Undisputed tag team championship in a six-team ladder match on Night 1.