Triple H On Why He Loves Running WWE Creative, Whether He'd Ever Get Back In The Ring

A new era is organically unfolding within the WWE, and Paul "Triple H" Levesque is fully behind the wheel with no backseat driver to veto him. Several of the company's top stars have publicly praised his leadership, but some would still love to see him lock up one last time. Speaking on "The Pat McAfee Show," Levesque was asked if seeing The Rock return to the ring fueled his desire to do the same.


"I don't want to slap anybody in the mouth anymore," Levesque said. "It's a funny thing about doing this now... I've always enjoyed the behind-the-scenes aspect of creative and all that other stuff. Competing in it was fun, but I almost enjoyed this side more. Helping these guys and girls, watching them go out there and succeed... It sounds cliché, but it's like watching your kids do stuff you're proud of as opposed to you doing it. It's almost more meaningful."

Pat McAfee praised Triple H's physical appearance before questioning whether his lack of desire for one more match was a mental or physical decision.

"I don't think I should be out there taking bumps," Triple H said. "I was at a place where I should've been retiring anyways... The last year right before this [health scare] happened, I had been asked to go to WrestleMania, 'I need you, you can work with anybody you want, please think about it.' And I had thought about it and was going to go back and say, 'I'm not doing it,' and then I had to not do it. So, I was already there. I'm good with it. I have zero regrets."


Triple H's last official match was a 2019 tag team encounter in Japan. He teamed with Shinsuke Nakamura to defeat Robert Roode and Samoa Joe. Two years later, Levesque experienced a serious cardiac event that ended his in-ring career.