Jim Ross Gets Candid About AEW Colleague Taz

AEW commentator Jim Ross has worked in a variety of wrestling promotions throughout his career, including many years with WWE. For part of that time, Ross did commentary alongside a young Taz, who he would later work with again in AEW. Speaking on an episode of "Grilling JR," Ross addressed what it was like working with Taz back then.


"It was fun," Ross said. "He was new. He was learning as he went, but he's a smart guy. And a thing that Taz had, and still has it, is the aptitude for explaining the business. He does a real good job at that, in my opinion."

Ross said that Taz was never late and always worked hard. Though he rarely gets the opportunity to work with the commentator in AEW, Ross still enjoys getting to sit beside Taz and call matches to this day.

"I'd work with Taz anytime, anywhere," Ross continued. "He's really, really good, and he's getting better all the time. That's what happens when you focus and you concentrate on your work and not politics or bulls**t. He's a no bulls**t guy and I like that about Taz."

Before finishing his point, Ross added that he views Taz as a strong positive force on AEW's broadcast team and he expects to see the commentator stick around the company for a long time to come. Though he wasn't initially a regular on "AEW Dynamite," Taz joined the company in its infancy as a broadcaster and would later serve a role as a part-time manager as well.


As for Ross, the 72-year-old still makes the occasional appearance for AEW to call a match. Though he's had health struggles over the past several years, Ross recently announced that he had signed a new contract with AEW. However, this may be his last active year as a commentator.

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit "Grilling JR" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.