WWE's Cody Rhodes Mulls Over Potential Retirement

Cody Rhodes finally finished his story to close Night 2 of WWE WrestleMania 40 as he defeated Roman Reigns to capture the Undisputed Universal Championship. The win marked the end of a career-long journey for Rhodes, becoming the first in his legendary family of wrestlers to hold WWE's world title. But Rhodes feels he has much more to accomplish before hanging up his boots. 


"I used to say 40," said Rhodes, 38, of retirement during "MMA Hour" prior to 'Mania. "But then I'm just at my absolute best now. I don't know, I don't have a number anymore." 

"The American Nightmare" stressed that he has to consider the time spent away from his family, especially as his daughter grows up. 

"I don't want my daughter to be 10 years old and me being on the road full-time as I am now. When we get to that, I mean every age is important, but when you get to those memory-making years I wanna have provided enough for the family just to call it. That doesn't mean call it in the sense that I wouldn't be wrestling but maybe I'd be wrestling on a different schedule," said the WWE star.


Rhodes further noted that he'd recently agreed to a new contract with WWE, although he didn't divulge anything regarding the length of the deal or how much it's worth. He joked that he'd like to refer to himself as the Shohei Ohtani of wrestling — suggesting the deal was lucrative — but given recent events he preferred to be compared to LeBron James.