WWE Hall Of Famer Arn Anderson Gets Candid About Steve 'Mongo' McMichael

The heartbreaking condition of Steve "Mongo" McMichael's health in recent years has led many to look back on his wrestling career in a kinder light. Never the most polished performer, McMichael received scant training at the WCW Power Plant but still enjoyed a successful four-year run in WCW, where he was featured prominently weekly as a member of the Four Horsemen.


Fellow stablemate Arn Anderson shared his thoughts on McMichael on a recent "Ask Arn Anything" edition of the "ARN" show.

"He's fighting a horrible disease. It's so humbling to see pictures of him, it just rips my guts out," Anderson said. "Here's a guy that came into our business, was an All-Pro football player in the NFL with no formal training, and was immediately put in a main event match with Ric and myself against him and Kevin Greene. And when I say no formal training, I mean 'No Formal Training.' So, the people who are critical of 'Mongo' and his ability to wrestle ... I welcome you to try that."

McMichael's style was equal parts brutal and clumsy and was the butt of many wrestling fans' jokes. Anderson said McMichael was not oblivious to his mistakes and recalled a time when he was particularly hard on himself.


"We're sitting in the back, and he went 'Double A, I'm sorry about that, man. I know that was terrible.' I went, 'Look, Mongo, don't sweat it, man. We all make mistakes.' But you could just tell that it bothered him that he wasn't groomed enough to position himself to do really well... And I know he got a lot of flack, which he did not deserve."

The former WCW US Champion is now intubated and unable to walk or talk due to ALS. Later this year, McMichael will be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, becoming the 7th member of the 1985 World Champion Chicago Bears to be inducted.