Eric Bischoff Weighs In On AEW Airing All In Backstage Footage

AEW recently announced that they will be airing backstage footage from last year's AEW All In shortly after CM Punk commented on the backstage altercation he had with Jack Perry during an interview. In light of all the drama, Eric Bischoff commented on the decision made by AEW in an episode of "83 Weeks" and why he thinks it's a bad decision.


"This is an emotional reaction that has absolutely no upside," Bischoff boldly declared. Despite this, he admitted that he wasn't knowledgeable about the situation and noted that the footage could be used by The Young Bucks to push a narrative. "They're going to have the ability to spin and add color to what we're going to see."

Bischoff then noted how bad the quality of security footage usually is, and that this will likely be why The Bucks will add commentary or narrate over the footage.

"But let's just say for the sake of argument, this footage puts Punk in a bad light and puts Jack Perry in a good light," Bischoff continued. "So what? What does that do for anybody?"

Bischoff thinks the move is a reactionary one, which sheds light on various backstage issues with AEW. The WWE Hall of Famer doubled down on how unhelpful the segment would be, directing his words directly at AEW President Tony Khan.


"You're living in the past and reliving an incident that is a reflection of your horrible leadership and lack of management, Tony," Bischoff exclaimed. "You created that backstage environment by not being a leader. This isn't the first and only time! It's the most bizarre thing." 

Bischoff's fellow Hall of Famer Bully Ray is of a similar mind, recently saying he didn't see the endgame in airing the controversial footage, also believing it could do more harm than good.

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