Bully Ray Addresses Tony Khan Releasing AEW All In Footage

Tonight's "AEW Dynamite" is advertised to feature genuine backstage footage from last year's AEW All In, with company CEO Tony Khan reaffirming his plans as recently as yesterday. It's not clear exactly what footage will be shown tonight, but many fans are hoping and expecting to see something involving CM Punk and Jack Perry, who notoriously had a physical confrontation at All In that led to Punk either quitting or being fired from AEW, depending on who you ask.


One of the people expecting to see footage of Punk and Perry is Bully Ray. Speaking on "Busted Open Radio," the WWE Hall of Famer questioned Khan's apparent decision to air the footage on national television.

"Is this what's gonna get more people to tune in to your product?" Bully asked. "Punk admitted to everything that he did, so let's just say this video corroborates everything that Punk [said]. ... Where is the win for AEW here?"

According to Bully's co-host Dave LaGreca, if the company opts for a misdirect and shows different backstage footage from All In, it's going to rub many AEW viewers the wrong way.

'I Don't See The Endgame'

Continuing to air his frustrations, Bully questioned the payoff of running an angle like this. With Punk back in WWE, there's no reason for AEW to promote his name on TV. The former WWE and ECW star believes Khan made a kneejerk decision to show the footage because he was upset about Punk's recent AEW comments and feels the need to prove that he's in the right.


"I don't see the endgame," Bully continued. "It's not like they're airing the footage to prove what Punk said was wrong. Punk admitted he put his hands on Jack Perry. Punk admitted to a verbal altercation. Punk admitted to people breaking it up. What is this video going to show us?"

Bully then said Punk now has WWE behind him, complete with a team of lawyers ready to work on Punk's behalf if AEW enters any legal gray areas. Additionally, if Punk had crossed any lines that may have gotten him into legal trouble that day, Bully believes the public would have already heard about it.