Why Tommy Dreamer Calls Plan To Air All In Footage A 'Key Moment' In AEW History

Tonight's "AEW Dynamite" might be one of the most talked-about episodes of the show in recent memory, since it's been reported AEW will broadcast backstage footage from All In where CM Punk got into a physical altercation with Jack Perry. On "Busted Open Radio," Tommy Dreamer explained why he thinks tonight's "Dynamite" will be key in the promotion's history, for better or worse.


Dreamer suggested the segment is a direct repercussion of Punk's interview with Ariel Helwani, but still questioned how airing the footage could be a positive for AEW. "If they do an insane number ratings-wise, all CM Punk has to do is tweet: 'Yeah, I don't even work there and I got you guys another massive number.'" Most importantly, Dreamer pointed out that the fan reaction will affect the promotion going forward, but again questioned what this adds to the product. "It's a key moment in the history of AEW because you also don't want your fanbase to be like 'That's kind of classless and I don't want to support them anymore.' If it's good, where CM Punk comes off as this horrible person, then — but again, what's your payoff?"


Lastly, Dreamer proposed that even if the footage shows Punk as the instigator, he doesn't work there anymore, so nothing can be done. "If CM Punk throws the first punch and says all these horrible things. Cool, it was during a fight and that's it. He doesn't work there, it's over. This is gonna be a key part in the history of AEW's success or their history."

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