Charlotte Flair Credits Late WWE HOFer For Her Wrestling Career

With 14 world championships to her name, Charlotte Flair is the most decorated woman in WWE history. Looking back on her career, though, Flair knows that a big part of her success stems from the extensive training she received in her early days at the WWE Performance Center. One of Flair's key coaches at that time was WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes, who dedicated himself to helping the up-and-coming talents develop their in-ring personas and microphone skills. While discussing Cody Rhodes' WrestleMania 40 victory with ESPN, Flair mentioned that Cody's father, Dusty, had a tremendous impact on her personal career.


"The reason I'm here today is partly because of how much Dusty believed in me," Flair said. "But just knowing what this moment means, I don't think his dad could have ever pictured this. I mean, pro wrestling is in Cody's blood. His mom holding the [Undisputed WWE Universal Championship], and the story, it's just a love story. I don't know how else to [describe that moment]. It's emotional."

Earlier this year, wrestling legend Magnum TA recalled his previous conversations with Dusty Rhodes about Flair's journey in WWE's developmental program, specifically after her brother, Reid, died in March 2013. According to Magnum, Dusty was thoroughly devoted to helping Flair not only find her voice in the wrestling space, but also find her character. After honing her skills at the WWE Performance Center and on the "WWE NXT" brand, Flair received her official call up to WWE's main roster in 2015, the same year that Dusty unfortunately died.


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