Update On The Possible Future Of Wrestling Drama Heels

Starz' television drama based on pro wrestling, "Heels,"  was surprisingly canceled alongside several other series in late 2023, but according to "The Hollywood Reporter," the show could potentially return — ironically coming out of retirement like many veterans of pro wrestling have over the years.


Powerhouse streaming service Netflix has gained the license to "Heels" after reaching a deal with rights owner Lionsgate Worldwide Television Distribution. In addition to the option of potentially renewing the series for a third season, Netflix will have non-exclusive streaming rights to the combined 16 episodes of seasons one and two of "Heels." However, according to THR's sources, Netflix has yet to make a decision about renewing "Heels," and the final decision will depend on how well it performs on their streaming platform. Unfortunately, complications could arise due to both leading men — Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig — having signed on to other projects. Amell is set to play the lead role in NBC legal spinoff "Suits: LA." Similarly, Ludwig is set to headline a six-episode MGM+ sci-fi series, "Earth Abides."


Interestingly, due to WWE's record-breaking deal with Netflix, "Heels" might just be in a good position to be picked up by a ton of wrestling fans flocking to the streaming service to keep up with "WWE Raw." Additionally, WWE star CM Punk appeared on "Heels" in the recurring role of wrestler "Ricky Rabies," while his wife and retired WWE alum April Mendez (AJ Lee) played "Elle Dorado." With those synergistic considerations in mind, it may provide extra incentive for Netflix to try and make "Heels" season 3 a reality.