AEW Collision And Battle Of The Belts Live Coverage: Athena Defends ROH Title

Welcome to live results for AEW "Collision", live from Truist Arena in Highland Heights, Kentucky! This is the first show of a double header as "Battle of the Belts" is live immediately following the conclusion of "Collision".


On this week's "Dynamite", Shane Taylor Promotions (Shane Taylor, Lee Moriarty, and Anthony Ogogo) defeated LionHOOK (Chris Jericho and HOOK) and Katsuyori Shibata. With Moriarty getting the pin, he looks to get the upset again in a singles match against Shibata.

Last Friday, AZM was part of the STARDOM Six Women match at "Supercard of Honor". Her team lost to Team Shirakawa. This Friday, she was in a backstage segment on "Rampage". While Anna Jay was mad about Mina Shirakawa and Mariah May kissing and drinking champagne, AZM walked up to say that both women were stupid. She challenged "Timeless" Toni Storm. It will be an Eliminator match. If AZM wins, she'll get a future shot at the "AEW" Women's Championship.


Don Callis has a task for his Family members; weaken Bryan Danielson before his match with his "Golden Goose" Will Ospreay next week at "Dynasty." Kyle Fletcher and Powerhouse Hobbs will look to do just that as they take on Danielson and Claudio Castagnoli.

House of Black will be in trios action against Top Flight and Matt Sydal.

On "Battle of the Belts", two titles will be on the line.

Roderick Strong will face Rocky Romero in an Eliminator match for the International Championship.

After Shane Taylor Promotions got the win on "Dynamite", HOOK is putting his FTW Championship on the line against Taylor.

In the main event, Athena is defending her ROH Women's Championship against Red Velvet. Athena is just days away from holding the title for 500 days. She is also looking for her 50th consecutive win in ROH-sanctioned singles matches.

House of Black vs. Dante Martin, Action Andretti, & Matt Sydal

We're greeted by Tony Schiavone and Daddy Magic at ringside to discuss Jon Moxley winning the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. Moxley will return to AEW on "Dynamite". They also ran down tonight's card. 


Claudio Castagnoli and Bryan Danielson cut a backstage promo.

House of Black made their way to the ring. Darius Martin is absent from the show tonight because he's getting his pilot's license.

Buddy Matthews and Action Andretti started off the match. Martin and Andretti controlled the match against Black. King tagged in to clear house with shoulder tackles. Andretti leapt atop King's shoulders, which allowed Black to get in and kick him in the chest. King did tope suicida on the outside.

Murphy and Andretti are legal. Andretti hit an enzuiguri and dove to tag in Sydal. Black and Sydal attempted simultaneous kicks before Black landed one. King got in the ring, but went over the top rope. Matthews and Black double teamed Sydal.


Following the break, Matthews had control over Sydal. Martin was yelling at Murphy, so he kicked Sydal in the back repeatedly. Sydal crawled to his corner as Matthews rolled his partner in. Martin and Black are legal. Martin takes flight, but Black rolls through. Martin hit a tejaras and went up top. King knocked him down. Martin dropkicked King off the apron.

Martin hit Black with an enzuiguri, but Black kicked out. Martin did a swan dive onto King. Andretti did a tope on Matthews and Black jumped from the top rope onto Andretti. Andretti is cornered, but his teammates broke up Dante's Inferno.

Sydal did a meteora from the top right. They take turns taking King down and keeping him down. All three superkick King simultaneously. Andretti hit a 450 for a one count. Sydal got caught in a meteora. King hit a cannonball on Sydal while Black and Murphy kicked him from the apron. King pinned Sydal for the win.

Lee Moriarty vs. Katsuyori Shibata

Anthony Ogogo joined commentary. Shibata covered Moriarty early on. He stayed on Moriarty, who scooted to the rope. Moriarty kicked him in the back and then locked Shibata up from behind. Shibata reversed and kept wrist control. Shibata put Moriarty on his back, but he kept Shibata from locking up any of his limbs. Shibata locked up Moriarty's legs and he had to get to the ropes again.


On the outside, Shibata hit Moriarty on the back. Ogogo hit Shibata with a gut shot while referee Paul Turner was distracted by Taylor. Shibata beat the count to get into the ring.

After the break, Moriarty chopped Shibata into the corner. Shibata backed him into the opposite corner while taking the chops. Shibata got in chops and jabs, which dropped Moriarty down. Shibata followed with a running dropkick. Moriarty stretched Shibata and Shibata returned the favor. Shibata hit a Saito suplex. Morarity retaliated with a knee lift. Moriarty hit a running kick and Shibata hit one of his own.

Shibata did a ripcord into a slap. Shibata kicked Moriarty in the face while he was in a seated position and then pinned him.


Taylor and Ogogo attacked Shibta and HOOK came down to help. He suplexed Moriarty and stared down Taylor. Taylor walked away and kept Ogogo from going after HOOK.

Daniel Garcia vs. Angelico

Garica and Angelico lock up and did chain wrestling. Garcia hit a snapmare and went for the cover. Garcia followed up with a leg sweep. Angelico took Garcia down. They bounced off the ropes and Angelico took Garcia down. Angelico stomped on his leg and Garcia escaped to the corner.


Angelico hit a side suplex. Garcia took Angelico down with a spinning toe hold into a figure four. Angelico turned it over, but Garcia turned him back over. They repeated it several more times until they rolled to the ropes. They began kicking each other or "foot fighting" as Schiavone said. Angelico hit Garcia with a right hand. Garcia hit a neckbreaker.

Garcia blocked a right hand and got one of his own. Garcia with a double underhook suplex. Garcia hit a forearm shot in the corner. He stood on the second rope to rain down punches. Garcia hit Angelico in the neck area. Garcia applied a leg lock until Angelico tapped.

Timeless Toni Storm vs. AZM

AZM was accompanied by Anna Jay while Mariah May was by Storm's side. AZM made her in-ring debut.

Storm pulled AZM down and made her slam her face into the mat while she laughed. AZM kept trying to shoulder tackle Storm, who just laughed. AZM stomped on her toes and Storm took her down. AZM hit a leg sweep and a dropkick. She stepped on the champion's ear and head.


AZM kicked Storm and tried to pin her. AZM went up top, but Storm knocked her down and hit her with a hip attack and sent her to the floor. Jay and May fought their way into the back. AZM threw Storm into the steps and then ran across the apron to kick Storm in the chest.

Following the break, Storm was kicking AZM in the face. AZM hit her with a forearm a couple times and then slugged her. She hit a pump kick and Storm headbutted her. AZM followed with a flying tejares. Both women were down.

AZM dumped Storm on he head. AZM went up top and hit a shotgun kick. Storm hit a powerbomb, but AZM kicked out. AZM took her down, but couldn't pin Storm. Storm with a release German suplex. Storm with another hip attack and Storm Zero for the win. No title shot for AZM.


May returned to the ring with champagne glasses to celebrate.

Blackpool Combat Club vs. Kyle Fletcher and Powerhouse Hobbs

Fletcher and Hobbs jumped Blackpool Combat Club upon getting in the ring. It spilled to the outside. Castagnoli and Hobbs went to the ramp while Danielson did a running dropkick into Fletcher in the barricade. BCC teamed up to attack Fletcher before turning their attention to Hobbs.


Castagnoli and Hobbs got in the ring and exchanged blows. Castagnoli slammed Hobbs who followed with a European uppercut. He placed Hobbs over the rope for Danielson to stomp his back.

Danielson tagged in and stood on Hobbs' legs. Castagnoli tagged back in. Hobbs hit a vertical suplex. Fletcher tagged in and chopped Castagnoli in the corner. Castagnoli put him in the opposite corner where he uppercut him and then rained down punches. Fletcher put Castagnoli on the outside. Fletcher hit a running knee to knock Castagnoli off the apron.

After the break, Fletcher locked Castagnoli in a sleeper. Castagnoli stood up, but went down with Fletcher still hanging on. Castagnoli finally got out and put Fletcher in a gut wrench.


Danielson tagged in and he hit a shotgun dropkick from the top. He took Hobbs down. Danielson with an Irish whip reversal and clothesline. Fletcher was on his knees and took repeated kicks to the chest. He ducked the last one.

Danielson went to the ropes and kicked Hobbs. Danelson attempted to dive on Hobbs, but was caught. Hobbs went towards the ringpost, but Danielson got down and shoved him into the ring post.

All four men were on the outside. Castagnoli hit a running European uppercut on Hobbs. They went over the barricade. Fletcher jumped into the audience and was followed by Danielson where they continued to brawl.

Following another commercial break, Danielson was laid on the apron. Fletcher exposed the floor and he had Danielson between the knees. Danielson reversed into a back body drop. Hobbs and Castagnoli fought on the outside.

Fletcher put Danielson on the turnbuckle and attempted a superplex. Danielson got out and shoved Fletcher so he hit his yam bags. Danielson climbed up, but was caught by Hobbs. Castagnoli hit Hobbs and hit an uppercut. They went over the top rope.

Danielson did a belly-to-back suplex from the top rope. He nearly submitted Fletcher, but Hobbs broke it up. Hobbs picked up Danielson, but he got down and shoved him into Fletcher. Castagnoli hit multiple blows on Hobbs in the corner. Fletcher got in the ring and Castangoli backed him into the corner. Castagnoli went between corners with uppercuts. He put Hobbs in The Swing. Castagnoli put Hobbs in a sharpshooter, but Fletcher kicked Castgnoli in the chest a couple times. Danielson came down from the top rope and ate a boot.


Hobbs nearly pinned Castagnoli. All four men are down in the ring. They made it to their knees and exchanged forearms. Fletcher chopped Danielson and he fell down. Fletcher got tossed out and hit his face. Castagnoli hit a Death Valley Driver on Hobbs for two.

Castagnoli used the ropes to forearm Hobbs, but he didn't got down. He repeated the move. He hit an uppercut and knocked Hobbs down, but couldn't keep him down. Castagnoi ducked a lariat. Hobbs hit the World's Strongest Slam, but Danielson broke up the pin.

Hobbs got a chair at Fletcher's request. The ref kept him from hitting Danielson. Hobbs paid with kicks to the chest. Fletcher dove onto Danielson. Castagnoli uppercutted Hobbs onto the announce table. Castagnoli pinned Fletcher.

Takeshita attacked Castagnoli after the match. He hit a brainbuster on Danielson on the ramp.

HOOK vs. Shane Taylor

HOOK versus Taylor is being contested under FTW Rules. Taylor was accompanied by Ogogo. HOOK told Shibata he needed to face Taylor on his own.

HOOK jabbed away at Taylor and attempted a waistlock. Taylor hit HOOK in the back several times. HOOK got Taylor over the top rope. HOOK slammed Taylor's face in the steps and put him in a chair to hit him with punches and his knee.


HOOK put Taylor in the ring and Taylor got in punches and a body shot. HOOK went down. In the corner, Taylor chopped HOOK and he dropped to his knees. Taylor repeated it in the opposite corner. They moved to another corner and Taylor got in body shots. HOOK hit a couple liver shots. Taylor punched HOOK in the liver and followed with a headbutt. Taylor put HOOK against the ropes and chopped him. He got HOOK over the top rope and hit him in the back which sent HOOK to the mat.

After the break, Taylor did a legdrop on HOOK across the apron. Taylor put HOOK in the corner and hit him with body shots and across the chin. HOOK crumpled down to the mat. Taylor stood him up and continued to pummel him. HOOK kept asking for more. He told HOOK to quit or he'd send him to his dad in a bodybag.


HOOK attempted to suplex Taylor. He got in uppercuts to weaken Taylor and then suplexed him twice. HOOK nearly pinned Taylor.

Taylor chokeslammed HOOK to the mat and then hit a splash. HOOK somehow kicked out. Taylor pulled HOOK up and went for a punch, but HOOK ducked and put him in Redrum. Taylor slammed the turnbuckle twice, but HOOK wouldn't let go. HOOK locked in the Redrum on the mat and Taylor went to sleep.

Roderick Strong vs. Rocky Romero

Roderick Strong is accompanied by Mike Bennett, Matt Taven, and Wardlow. Romero came down by his lonesome.

Strong started with a full armdrag twist followed by a side headlock twist. Romero locked Strong's arms and attempted to stretch him. Romero wrenched Strong's arm behind him. Romero hit a tejeras. In the corner, Romero hit a meteora. He followed with chops and Strong returned them. He hit a backbreaker.


Romero hit Strong in the mid-section in the corner. He hit him with a running kick. Romero uppercut Strong, but Strong kicked him in the face. Romero was on the apron and kicked Strong in the shoulder. While Strong was down, Romero jumped on him from the apron.

After the break, Strong regained control. Romero kicked him in the knees and Strong hit hin, but Romero had a surge of energy. Romero chopped Strong followed by an enzuiguri. He then dove on Taven and then Strong. Romero hit Sliced Bread for two.

In the corner, Romero hit Strong with forearms. Strong chopped Romero into the corner and followed with a dropkick. Strong picked up Romero twice, but Romero hit a huricanrana. Romeo hit a flying spinning DDT.


Strong hit a gut shot and they went up top. Romero hit an avalanche sliced bread. Romero went to the top rope, but Strong joined him. Romero hit him and knocked him down. Romero got caught mid-air with a knee. Strong pinned Romero, who does not earn a title shot.

Kyle O'Reilly came to the ring and Undisputed Kingdom attacked him. 

Athena vs. Red Velvet

Athena was announced by Lexy Nair and accompanied by Bille Starkz. They locked up immediately and Athena got Velvet to the mat. Velvet can't break the collar and tie in the corner. Velvet got wrist control, but Athena got a side headlock twist. Velvet hit several armdrags. Athena hit the ropes and a leg lariat.


On the outside, Velvet did a moonsault onto Athena. She put the champ on the apron and went for a kick, but Athena made her hit her jaw on the rope and powerbombed her on the outside.

Following the break, Velvet put Athena in a headscissors and put her in the ropes. She ran and kicked her. Velvet backed Athena up, but Athena grabbed her gear and made her hit the turnbuckle. Athena rolled her and put her on her shoulder. Velvet reversed and rolled her up.

Athena went to the top and Velvet kicked her behind the ear and punched her face. Velvet chopped Athena and pulled Athena down. Velvet kicked Athena in the face and then spiked her for two. Velvet went to the top and Athena rolled out of the ring.


Velvet jumped from the top to the outside and Athena caught her. She slammed her down to the floor. Athena hit a pump kick. Athena pulled Velvet up to slam her into the ring twice. Athena put her back in the ring. Velvet reversed into a pin. Velvet hit a pumpkick.

Athena went up top for the O-Face and her 50th win.

Following the match, Athena and Starkz attacked Velvet. Queen Aminata came down and took them both out.