Mustafa Ali Takes Aim At 'Guys Fighting Over Broken Glass' In Impassioned NJPW Promo

Reigning TNA X-Division Champion and former WWE star Mustafa Ali has made 2024 his own thus far, carving his post-WWE journey on the independent circuit as well as with NJPW and TNA. However, he doesn't feel he has been getting the praise his run has deserved, and he cut an impassioned promo after winning his NJPW debut against Hiromu Takahashi at Windy City Riot 2024.


"I'm annoyed at the industry. I'm annoyed at New Japan Pro Wrestling. I'm annoyed at so many things, so I'm gonna list them off," he said. "We praise and we idolize these cowards. These cowards that hide behind contracts and cash, and yet they won't say a peep about a genocide. Yeah, you want controversy? We've got guys fighting over broken glass! And that's the talk of the industry for weeks. That. But we don't want to talk about Mustafa Ali ... Cover of PWI, the first TNA X-Division Champion to do since 2005. Won the X-Division Championship in my debut match for the f***ing company! But let's talk about the guys with the broken glass issues. Let's talk about white girls with fat a**es that hang out of their gear. That should get you all talking! I am the industry! I am the man right now! And you're not giving me the respect that I deserve!"


Ali's comments about broken glass are, of course, referencing the infamous altercation between Jack Perry and CM Punk at All In 2023, which was spurred by a disagreement between the pair over the use of glass for a spot. The incident gained new life after Punk provided his side of the story in an interview with Ariel Helwani, which appeared to prompt AEW's controversial airing of the footage of their scuffle during "AEW Dynamite." Perry also made reference to the incident during his own match at Windy City Riot in Chicago.

Ali's reference to genocide is even more obvious, speaking to the ongoing assault on the occupied Palestinian territories by the state of Israel.