Will Ospreay Discusses Neurodivergence And Feeling Embarrassed During AEW Contract Signing

Will Ospreay has hit the ground running since starting with AEW full-time earlier this year and will realize a dream match as he stands opposite Bryan Danielson at AEW Dynasty later this month. But it hasn't been an easy journey for the "Aerial Assassin," grinding his way through the UK independent circuit and NJPW before making his way Stateside. Ospreay has been open in his struggles with neuro-divergency previously, explaining that he has autism, ADHD, and dyslexia, all posing their own unique obstacles to overcome — and he went further to explain how it affected his education before diagnosis during "Hey! (EW)." 


"In the school system I didn't find out a lot about myself until after I left," he said. "So I wasn't afforded any of the extra time. There were so many things in my education that I really needed help on and I didn't get that help." 

Ospreay noted that he is just one of many with neurodivergence — an estimated one in seven people — and it's because of that he wants to be open and honest with his struggles to provide inspiration to others going through similar experiences. However, he also admitted to feeling embarrassed when he signed with AEW.

"Finding out all this about myself, I just want to show people that, like yeah, I've got autism, I have ADHD as well, I'm super dyslexic, I can't read. I had to have someone read my contract out for me, and it's super embarrassing. It really is. But I feel like I've got to the point where I am because of all these things that make me who I am, and I want to inspire people. A lot of people don't take risks on people who do have autism around my area, and I would like to hope that seeing me doing this stuff, it does inspire other people."


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