Jey Uso Addresses The Future Of The Bloodline In WWE

While The Bloodline may not be on top of WWE anymore, Jey Uso insists that their work is far from finished. On a recent episode of "WWE's The Bump," Uso addressed the state of The Bloodline faction, particularly in the wake of Cody Rhodes unseating Roman Reigns as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.


"I'm not going to say The Bloodline is gone because The Bloodline is WWE," Uso said. "My whole family [has been showcased] for over 50 years, right? And we're going to go another 50 years I feel like because we got little kids, our cousins. I have so many little cousins that are lined up like probably your age – all the kids here [around] ten or whatever. They're ready because they watch us every week and they'll call. I got messages all the time from my nieces and nephews, like 'Why'd you let John Cena beat up Solo?' But they're in line. They're lined up and they're ready and they're deep. And I feel like we're always going to [be in] WWE. WWE is my family."

Despite Reigns' loss at WrestleMania 40, and his own glaring separation from The Bloodline last year, Uso is hopeful that the Samoan Dynasty can eventually come back together as a "healed" unit. Right now, though, The Bloodline is trapped in a state of continued fighting. And after Jey Uso exited the group in 2023, it appears that his twin brother, Jimmy Uso, could potentially be following suit soon, albeit not by choice.


On last week's episode of "WWE SmackDown," Solo Sikoa, with the help of a debuting Tama Tanga, delivered a surprising attack on Jimmy Uso. While Tanga laid Jimmy out with a flurry of punches, Sikoa nailed him with a series of Samoan Spikes and a brutal hip attack in the corner of the ring.

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