LA Knight Calls Fellow WWE SmackDown Star A 'Perpetual Loser'

The feud between LA Knight and AJ Styles will continue on as the two face-off in a number one contenders match on this week's episode of "SmackDown," in which the winner will earn the right to challenge the newly-crowned Undisputed WWE Universal champion Cody Rhodes. Before he and Styles officially square off in a WrestleMania 40 rematch, though, Knight has delivered an impassioned message to him, via "WWE SmackDown LowDown"


"What happened to AJ Styles [at WrestleMania]? He got pinned, he got beat. You lost, you blew it, and who to? This man. And guess what? One week from tonight, what do we walk into? We walk into SmackDown, number one contenders match for the WWE Championship. And guess what? It can only go one way; it can come my way. It can go no other way, you know why that is, AJ? You are now with the advent of LA Knight. With the inception of LA Knight, with the mere existence of LA Knight, you are a perpetual loser. That's all you can be, it's all you will be," Knight said.

As Knight pointed out, his last interaction with Styles resulted in a win on WWE's grandest stage, courtesy of a BFT. Now heading into their rematch later this week, Knight vows to not only drop Styles on his head again, but also remind him that he runs the "SmackDown" brand. 


Should Knight repeat history and defeat Styles, he will move on to face Cody Rhodes in only their second televised match. This time, though, Knight would have the opportunity to claim his first main roster singles championship.

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