Eric Bischoff Criticizes Will Ospreay's Promo About WWE's Triple H On AEW Dynamite

The past several weeks have seen renewed antagonism between WWE and AEW, including the back-and-forth between recent AEW signing Will Ospreay and WWE Chief Content Officer Paul "Triple H" Levesque. Ahead of WWE WrestleMania 40, Levesque alluding to Ospreay signing with AEW by saying that some performers didn't want to "grind" for their success, with Ospreay later responding in a promo on "AEW Dynamite" accusing Levesque of getting to where he is today by sleeping with Vince McMahon's daughter. Following the latest "Dynamite," Eric Bischoff shared his feelings on Ospreay's promo while speaking on "Wise Choices."


"Who wrote that for him?" Bischoff asked. "Will Ospreay — man, you've only been on the scene now for a couple of weeks, [with] so much anticipation. I, for one, think your work is friggin' fantastic. I think you've got a great look. ... You still have a bright future despite that stupid nonsense you said the other night."

Bischoff then stated his belief that Ospreay is still adjusting from the "indie world" to the landscape of mainstream American wrestling. While the former WCW executive believes the promo was a mistake, it's one that he feels Ospreay can rebound from.

"Will, just kind of get with it, man," Bischoff continued. "Go out there and do your thing. Put on a hell of a show. Try to rise above the slop you're having to play in, because that's what it is — it's slop."


Following an eight-year run with New Japan Pro-Wrestling, including the last several years at the top of the promotion, Ospreay announced last November that he would be joining AEW in 2024. With a wife and child at home to care for, Ospreay stated that the ability to stay based in the United Kingdom was one of the primary factors in his decision to sign with AEW.

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