Matt Hardy Comments On AEW Contract Expiring, Possible Return

Matt Hardy confirmed he is a free agent after his AEW contract expired earlier this month. Hardy reportedly rejected a new deal with AEW following his own admission that he had a formal contract offer on the table, and he provided further context on the matter during "The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy." 


"I am a free agent right now," he confirmed. "I have interacted with everyone, still interacting with AEW, and that's where we're at right now. Whenever my deal ended up running out, that allowed me the opportunity to negotiate and speak to everyone available, you know, really weigh all my options. That's what I'm doing right now."

Hardy joined AEW in 2020, not long after his WWE contract expired. Before his 2017 WrestleMania return to WWE, he had carved his way through the independent circuit and promotions like Ring of Honor and TNA. He confirmed that he has received many offers to return to the indies, but warned promoters that he was looking to get the best deal possible at this stage of his career. 


"Yes. I mean, I have [talked to other companies]... If you're an indie promoter and you're listening to this... I'm working on things, but if you don't hear back from me don't take it personally because I'm very overwhelmed with all the people that have reached out and requested... I'm working to get back to everybody as much as possible... I'm also gonna say I wanna make sure I go to the best place possible." Furthermore, this could mean a return to AEW at some point.

Matt Hardy on possibly returning to AEW

Matt Hardy last wrestled for AEW during the January 5 episode of "AEW Rampage," teaming alongside his brother Jeff Hardy and Mark Briscoe to defeat The Butcher, The Blade, and Kip Sabian. However, even as a free agent, Matt Hardy refuses to rule out a return to the promotion. 


"I think as time continued to move on and we were so close to the finish line, I do think I wanted to wait until everything ran out, and where I could weigh all my options. I could do things correctly from a legal standpoint and figure out what I wanna do next," Hardy reasoned before reiterating, "I love AEW. I think AEW is paramount to the health of the pro wrestling industry. I'm a big advocate of the schedule they have, especially having four young children and a family, that kind of changes everything. You want your schedule to be as smart as possible when you get a little older, especially if you wanna be here to see your kids grow up. I am certainly not ruling [returning to AEW] out. I would love to do that because I do love the schedule."


Hardy has previously said that either as a singles talent or teaming with his brother, he wants to ensure that he is optimized as he knows he has little left in the tank. Jeff Hardy reportedly remains signed with AEW, so any move elsewhere could spell the end of their reunion run. The brothers reunited in AEW in 2022 and looked on the cusp of capturing tag team gold again in the summer of that year. However, Jeff Hardy was arrested on a DUI, and they were subsequently removed from their championship match.