Eric Bischoff Questions AEW Boss Tony Khan's Tactics

According to Eric Bischoff, Tony Khan can run AEW however he wants, for better or worse. While speaking on "Wise Choices," Bischoff said he might do the same if he were in a similar position, but he questioned the AEW boss' tactics and said that the company has no hope under Khan's leadership.


"Tony was able to get his inheritance early and go create a sandbox and play in it," said Bischoff, "Man, if I was the son of a billionaire and my dad said, 'Here's a couple hundred million. Go play in the sand, have some fun,' I would do it too. The difference is, I probably wouldn't have come out and started taking shots at Ted Turner, at Eric Bischoff, [at] all the mistakes WCW made."

That portion of Bischoff's response might be perceived as him taking some of Khan's methods a bit personally, given the WCW connections, but he expanded his take to include WWE as well, which he considers an even more egregious mistake.

"[I] certainly would not have taken shots at WWE," he said, especially since AEW and WWE aren't truly in direct competition with regard to airing their flagship shows head-to-head. "So, I'll stand on the sidelines," Bischoff added, "and talk like I'm a better product or I'm a better booker. He wants to be perceived on the same level as a Paul Heyman, or a Vince McMahon, or hell, even an Eric Bischoff back in the 90s. [And] that's okay too, [there's] not a thing wrong with that. But work your way up, brother. Don't come out of the chute taking swings at guys that have been there and done it."


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