Bully Ray & Mark Henry Discuss Challenge WWE Faces To Maintain Cody Rhodes' Momentum

Now that "the story" has been finished, the challenge begins, in terms of keeping Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes interesting and maintaining momentum. A pair of WWE Hall of Famers have conflicting viewpoints on what appears to be the first storyline and challenger on tap for Rhodes; one is unsure as to whether or not it has the magic formula at the ready, while the other is convinced that it absolutely does — if done correctly, of course.


On "Busted Open Radio," Mark Henry and Bully Ray discussed what's next for Rhodes and Henry sounded far more optimistic than Bully did, all under the assumption that AJ Styles defeats LA Knight on "WWE SmackDown" Friday and is the first contender for Rhodes' title. "Now comes into play my concern was with ending the story," Bully said. "As great as AJ is at what he does, can AJ breathe down Cody's neck the same way Roman or The Rock did?" Answering Bully's question in tandem with Dave LaGreca, Henry gave a definitive "Yes," just as LaGreca said, "No, of course not." But "The World's Strongest Man" then painted a clear picture of a completely unhinged, unforgiving AJ Styles as being just what is needed to make this next feud work for Rhodes.


"Have AJ go out there and hand him his ass a couple of times," Henry said. "Whether it's by hook or by crook, disqualifications, I mean really put the damn heat on him. And if you can get Cody in a state of vulnerability where Cody goes, 'Listen, you want me to stoop to your level. I'm not gonna do it,'" he imagined Rhodes saying, ultimately leading up to the feud culminating in a steel cage match.

"And then," Henry concluded, "Cody can beat the s*** out of him."

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