An Irate Rhea Ripley Forced To Vacate Women's World Title On WWE Raw

Sometimes it's best to get the bad news out of the way first. Such was the case for the Rhea Ripley tonight, as the WWE Women's World Champion kicked off "WWE Raw" by confirming rumors that swirled all day saying she was dealing with a serious injury and may need to vacate her title. That indeed turned out to be the case, with Ripley blaming the backstage attack from Liv Morgan last week as the reason for her now having to miss "quite a few months" and being forced to relinquish the title she has held since WrestleMania 39 when she defeated Charlotte Flair.


Ripley entered with her right arm in a sling and though she raised her title to show the crowd, her entrance was otherwise devoid of its usual flair. Her face told the story even further, carrying a scowl all the way down the ramp. And when she took the ring, immediately, she addressed the issue at hand. "So, obviously, you guys know what's going on right now, yeah?" she asked. "I'm angry right now. I'm pissed off. You know why? Because I've been told that I need to vacate the one thing that means the most to me: my Women's World Championship."

With the crowd chanting "bulls***," Ripley concurred, saying, "Yeah, it is," before laying down her belt and calling out Morgan, saying this was all because of her "stupid revenge tour." Morgan took the stage, surrounded by security, and Ripley was soon flanked as well, with officials doing enough to keep the two apart, despite Ripley headbutting one guard and staring off another. In a backstage segment to follow, Ripley was embraced by the rest of The Judgment Day and she told them to keep the group on top before parting with a "Te amo" toward her stablemates.