Lex Luger Details His Experience Being At Sting's Last Match At AEW Revolution

Sting's last match at AEW Revolution earlier this year was a major spectacle in the industry, and despite including callbacks to "The Icon's" lengthy career, many of his old friends and rivals were not able to appear on screen despite being in attendance. 


During a recent episode of "Lex Expressed," Lex Luger noted how he was one of the veterans who couldn't appear on television but commented on his experience backstage. While he wasn't allowed to take the event in on-screen with his friend, Luger claims he had a great time and that Sting did as well. 

"His family was all there in the back, I hadn't seen his daughter Gracie in such a long time. It was just a wonderful night," said Luger.

Garrett and Steve Borden Jr.'s inclusions in Sting's final match were praised, and Luger also noted how great it was to see "Surfer Sting" and "Wolfpac Sting" again. "It was really fun to be there. I got to actually go out in the crowd, couldn't get on camera obviously because I'm under contract with WWE. They said we could be there as long as we're not on camera, which I thought was classy by WWE for us guys that are under contract with them."


Luger also praised AEW's handling of his inclusion and the other veterans under a WWE contract and also talked about how hyped-up the crowd was to see the main event. "Sometimes, toward the end of the night, no matter how big the last match is, the crowd can lose their energy for it but they were up for it, it was phenomenal. A+, gold star."

Sting won the final match of his iconic pro wrestling career when he and Darby Allin defended their tag team titles against The Young Bucks and walked out victorious.

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