Why Natalya 'Jumped At' The Chance To Return To WWE NXT

For more than 15 years, Natalya Neidhart has been a mainstay on the WWE roster, having performed across all of the show's television brands and on many PPVs and PLEs. In recent days, Natalya has been seen on "WWE NXT" getting in the ring with fresh talent like Lola Vice and Roxanne Perez. Speaking on "Big Show with Rusic & Rose," Natalya explained why she was excited to begin appearing on the developmental brand once again.


"I jumped — jumped — at the opportunity to go to NXT," Natalya said. "Some of the greatest moments in my career were at NXT, like [the] match I had with Charlotte Flair in 2014. And 'NXT' is also primetime television. Anytime you're on the USA Network and it's during that time slot, it's primetime TV, and we're one of the highest-rated shows on the USA Network."

Yet another reason why Natalya was excited to work on Tuesday nights is the ability to wrestle new performers and help teach the next generation. In that way, the wrestler is carrying on her family's legacy, as countless top wrestlers were trained by members of the Hart and Neidhart families over the years.

"I probably have a world record for working with the most women in WWE history," Natalya continued. "I really wanted to work with women that are hungry and love this as much as I do, like Roxanne Perez."


Natalya recalled once meeting Perez in the parking lot outside a show when Perez was a young teenager. Fast forward a decade or so and the two are performing together on a national platform, with Perez having just successfully defended the "WWE NXT" Women's Championship against Natalya on the April 9, 2024 edition of the series.

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