Thunder Rosa Looks Back On Injury Hiatus From AEW

AEW star Thunder Rosa notably dethroned Britt Baker back in 2022 but unfortunately suffered an injury, resulting in an interim champion crowned before her injury worsened resulting in her entirely relinquishing the belt. Rosa has been back in action since December 2023, and in a recent interview on "The KiddChris Show," she looked back at the time she spent away from the ring.


Looking back on her injury, Thunder Rosa noted how long it took her out and also revealed that she'll have to have surgery in the future. "I have a lower back injury. Oh my god, eighteen months, that is super long, yes. No, I didn't, but I think the possibility of surgery will be in the future." 

She also noted that her injury was two-fold, which explained why she eventually dropped the title after initially only stepping away. The AEW star also commented on her recovery, and how she's had to change her lifestyle since her injury.

"I had tears on my lower back and I had herniations on the lower back. So, before you can do anything you have to wait for the tears to not be tears. And then after that, that's when you can do all the exercises and stuff," said Rosa. "I was a runner. I can no longer run. You have to choose [between] what you can do and I want to still be at 100% when I'm in the ring so I had to change absolutely everything."


Thunder Rosa believes AEW's future is bright

While she's had a few matches since returning to AEW, things were not always as positive for Thunder Rosa in terms of her future in the industry

"At one point I just felt like I was not gonna be able to come back, especially when I was going back in the ring and I was training and I felt the pain immediately. You go through so much – not only physically but mentally. You start questioning yourself," said Rosa.


The former AEW Women's Champion also looked back at her performance before her injury and lamented how much faster and stronger she was. Despite this, she claims she's now working smarter. 

"I can tell you right now: I'm pain-free, which is the most important part for me. Because I don't want to use drugs, I don't want to use alcohol, and I want to be as clean as possible."

Thunder Rosa also praised the AEW women's locker room for "holding the fort" while she was gone and singled out the likes of Julia Hart, Skye Blue, and Willow Nightingale for stepping up and proving themselves. "They have worked very hard to be where they are right now and I remember when we first started they were extras and now they're becoming big stars."


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