Why Kevin Nash Says AEW's Will Ospreay May Not Have Hurt His Chances With WWE

WWE legend Kevin Nash has waded into the controversy surrounding AEW star Will Ospreay, who took a shot at Paul "Triple H" Levesque recently on "AEW Dynamite."

On his "Kliq This" podcast, Nash criticized the English star for mentioning WWE CCO Triple H and Stephanie McMahon on AEW television. Triple H, in the lead-up to WrestleMania 40, had named an unnamed star who chose a lighter schedule with AEW rather than the grind that is involved in the WWE system.


"I hope he's got a 20-year fuc**ng deal with AEW. I hope he can fuc**ng kick a soccer ball," joked Nash.

When asked by host Sean Oliver if Triple H could hold a grudge against Ospreay in the future, Nash argued that may not be the case, giving the example of Cody Rhodes, who returned to WWE despite taking a shot at "The Game" by smashing a throne. "Cody fuc**ng beat his fuc**ng crown with a sledgehammer. Paul's [Triple H] not [one to hold grudges]," said Nash.

The Hall of Famer also questioned why Ospreay took offense to Triple H's comment when he didn't mention him by name. He added that the AEW star is not "smart," and lauded Jade Cargill's decision to make the jump from AEW to WWE last year.


"Paul didn't mention him [Ospreay} by name, therefore there's no reason to get a*shurt. It shows why he's an indy-riffic guy. It shows why he didn't make the move ... he's just not smart. Jade was smart." 

Nash believes that if Ospreay ever decides to join WWE in the future, he will have to bear the brunt of the consequences of his shot at Triple H and take it on the chin. The Englishman had revealed earlier this year that his decision to join AEW instead of WWE was because he wanted a lighter schedule and be based out of the UK.