NBA Great Charles Barkley Has Words For Chad Gable After WWE Raw Assault On Sami Zayn

Pro wrestling is often called a soap opera for men, and while this could be disputed, the sport is beloved for eliciting emotion. Monday night on "WWE Raw," Chad Gable turned heel and viciously attacked Sami Zayn after their match, stirring up social media, and even reached the attention of NBA veteran Charles Barkley, who reacted to the beating on "The Pat McAfee Show."


"You know what, I was going to fly up there and whoop Gable's a**," Barkley proclaimed. Much like fans online, Barkley took offense to Gable attacking Zayn in front of his family and friends, as well as the loyal fans in Zayn's hometown of Montreal. "That man whooped his a** in front of his wife and parents, man. I didn't like that at all. You can't kick a man's a** in front of his wife and parents, man. I didn't like the ending. You can't kick a man's a** at his house, man. That's bad karma." Gable turned on Zayn after failing to win the Intercontinental Championship from him, following several failed title opportunities against former champion GUNTHER.

Going into the match, Gable expressed confidence, referencing his victory over GUNTHER last time he wrestled in Quebec, and later proclaiming that he'd always be the master to Zayn's student. Since then, Gable has doubled down on his heel turn, going so far as to justify his actions on social media.


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