Chad Gable Says WWE Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn 'Had It Coming'

This past Monday on "WWE Raw," Sami Zayn defended the WWE Intercontinental Championship for the first time in his current reign, defeating Chad Gable in the main event. After celebrating for a few moments alongside Zayn, Gable turned on his former ally, hitting him with a German suplex and an Ankle Lock in front of his family in the crowd. Taking to social media platform X days after the attack, Gable defended his actions.


Though they've been aligned onscreen, there is some logic behind Gable's betrayal. In the weeks leading up to WWE WrestleMania 40, Gable helped coach Zayn to his eventual victory over GUNTHER. With that win, Zayn brought a record-breaking Intercontinental Championship run to an end, but it seems increasingly likely that Gable is upset that he isn't the one who toppled GUNTHER.

Last year, Gable and GUNTHER took part in a heated feud that drew overwhelmingly positive reactions from fans, with some calling for Gable to be the one that would eventually defeat the long-reigning champion. Based on his social media post, it seems Gable feels he has been wronged by Zayn. It's a safe bet that the former "WWE Raw" Tag Team Champion will get whatever is bothering him off his chest the next time he's handed a microphone.


GUNTHER has not been seen since his WrestleMania loss, but the Austria native remains a significant figure within the Zayn-Gable story. As things continue to heat up between Zayn and Gable, it shouldn't be surprising if the former champion works his way back into the title picture.