Sami Zayn Retains Intercontinental Title On WWE Raw, Is Assaulted Post-Match

With WWE returning to Montreal for the first time since his oh-so-close moment for the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship at Elimination Chamber in February of 2023, Sami Zayn rode the hometown feeling throughout his Intercontinental Championship match against Chad Gabe all the way to a hard-fought win on "WWE Raw." And then, while Zayne lovingly embraced his family at ringside, Gable returned and snapped, beating Zayn from pillar to post (literally), ending their friendship and channeling a darker, more vicious side of himself.


Following Jey Uso's win against Finn Balor, "The Yeetmaster" made his way through the crowd and to the outside of Bell Centre, where he stumbled upon Zayn, staring up at the building and reminiscing about times he came there as a fan. The former Bloodline allies exchanged pleasantries and then Zayn got fired up, dancing through the concourse, firing up the crowd, and even crossing paths with Youppi!, the Montreal Canadiens' (and former Montreal Expos') mascot.

With the crowd chanting for their hometown hero from the start, the match was a toss-up most of the way through. Zayn nursed an ankle issue for much of it, of which Gable looked to try to take advantage with multiple ankle lock attempts to no avail, including a final submission attempt that led to the finish. After Zayn rolled out, he hit an Exploder and a Helluva Kick for the win. Following the match, Zayn helped Gable up, the challenger raised his hand in approval, and left the ring. As the champion celebrated with his family, Gable ripped Zayn right out of the arms of his wife Khadija, hitting a German Suplex and sending the show to its credits with Zayn grapevined through the corner ropes and Gable hanging onto an Ankle Lock from the top turnbuckle.