Bully Ray Addresses WWE Not Selling Out Monday's Raw

WWE is forging ahead post-WrestleMania 40, not looking to slow down anytime soon after a record-setting 2023. After its streak of 18 consecutive television sellouts came to an end on "WWE Raw" Monday, however, "Busted Open Radio's" Bully Ray wondered aloud if this was a sign of things to come.


According to WrestleTix on X , 11,837 attended "Raw" at Bell Centre in Montreal, with 352 tickets unsold. "Last night was the first night that WWE has not sold out," Bully said. "I always talk about the crack in the wall. It always starts with one crack. I always talk about the pop in the crowd. 20,000 people are popping every single night, but there comes that first night where 19,000 people popped. Do you think [Monday night was] a sign of things to come for WWE now maybe on the tail end of WrestleMania?"

Co-host Dave LaGreca cited The Rock being out of the picture in WWE for the first time in months as a potential factor, as well as the conscious effort to scale back stage presentation, opening up more seating. Bully pressed on, honing in on the content itself. "Moving forward, [if] you're gonna get the same type of 'Raw' that you got last night, is last night's 'Raw' selling out over the next three months?" he asked about a show that featured Sami Zayn defend his Intercontinental Championship against Chad Gable in the main event. LaGreca halted the conversation, saying they should put a pin on it for now and wait to see how the stories being built play out and specifically, what might be in store for new Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes following his first title defense at Backlash against either LA Knight or AJ Styles.


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