Matthew Jackson Of The Young Bucks Says This AEW Star Is About To 'Blow Up'

For all the controversy AEW received from airing backstage footage from All In last week on "Dynamite," one positive to come out from it was the renewed interest in Jack Perry. The AEW star, who hasn't appeared in AEW since All In, got a strong reaction appearing at New Japan's Windy City Riot a few days later and has seen huge sales regarding his merchandise. And no one is happier about Perry's ascension than AEW EVPs, The Young Bucks.


Sitting down with "Sports Illustrated," Matthew and Nicholas Jackson both sang the praises of Perry, with Nicholas going as far as to call Perry a breakout star who'd just been waiting for a moment like this. As for Matthew, he takes a lot of pride in seeing Perry's profile grow, given that the Bucks were a key reason AEW signed Perry back at the promotion's formation in 2019.

"Jack Perry was one of my original AEW hires," Matthew said. "I saw a video clip of him on the indies, and then I went and watched everything I could find. Years prior, I'd heard stories about a nine-year-old boy being brought to wrestling training in Southern California by his celebrity dad Luke Perry. I wondered, whatever happened to that kid? Apparently, he'd been working hard and turning into a heck of a talent.


"I watched the videos and thought, 'Whoa. Young, handsome SoCal kid with a great head of hair. Seems misunderstood. Has tons of confidence. He reminds me a lot of me and Nicholas at his age. Coming back from Japan, Jack Perry now has that edge and swagger. And coming off all of this BS he's been dealing with, he has a chip on his shoulder. He's a dangerous cat right now and is about to blow up."