Video: Matt Hardy Shares Old WWE 'Ultimate Deletion' Vignette With Bray Wyatt

Matt Hardy's WWE return at WrestleMania 33 alongside his brother Jeff is still fondly recalled by many, but some fans still put an emphasis on his alliance with the late Bray Wyatt, wherein the two formed the "Deleters of Worlds" tag team, playing off both of their supernatural-inspired characters. Hardy recently took to social media to post a clip from the "Ultimate Deletion" cinematic match the two had while still feuding prior to their eventual tandem. Interestingly, Hardy provided no context for the video.


Reports recently revealed that Hardy had opted to not re-sign with AEW, leaving Jeff behind in the promotion, who is currently recovering from a concussion he suffered in his last match on "AEW Rampage." There have also been rumors that Wyatt's brother, Bo Dallas, will be returning to WWE television and utilizing the "Uncle Howdy" gimmick he secretly had during Wyatt's final WWE run. Additionally, former Wyatt Family member, Erick Rowan/Redbeard, is rumored to be making a return as well.

Following all the rumors and reports, many fans are now under the impression that Hardy could be teasing a return to WWE and aligning himself with the new faction that'll consist of Uncle Howdy, Rowan/Redbeard, and potentially Braun Strowman as a homage to the legacy Wyatt left behind, and to finish the creative plans he had. Only time will tell, especially since at the time of writing, Hardy is still listed on AEW's official roster page. which is often quick to remove stars who are no longer signed to the promotion.