AEW's Ryan Nemeth Discusses Experience Making The Iron Claw

Ryan Nemeth was recently featured on "Sportskeeda WrestleBinge," where he sat down to discuss his role in "The Iron Claw," and how impressed he was with how quickly some of the actors took to pro wrestling while shooting the film. Nemeth explained how "The Iron Claw" allowed him to combine his passions for wrestling and acting, praising the dedication the cast showed when learning how to wrestle.


"Oh I had so much fun. I love acting, I love wrestling ... I texted my girlfriend and I said, this is what my life is about, combining the things I love so much together. I will give massive credit to Zac Efron, Harris Dickinson and Jeremy Allen White. Those guys in the ring were so dedicated, so passionate, so physical, they didn't half a** anything. 

Nemeth also described how both Efron and Dickinson did most of the wrestling as well as the stunts performed in the movie, spotlighting some of the moves that impressed him the most. "I literally saw Zac Efron in the same ring with me jumping off the top rope ... and I got to give credit to Harris Dickinson because he threw one of the most beautiful drop kicks I've ever seen in pro wrestling and they kept it in the movie ... I was so proud because the drop kick is one of my favorite moves ever, I love a drop kick and it was great to be on hand to help these guys." Nemeth potrays former wrestler "Gino Hernandez" in "The Iron Claw" which is now streaming on Amazon Prime and Apple TV.


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