Former WWE Star Ronda Rousey Discusses Upside Of Indie Wrestling Scene

Former WWE and UFC star "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey has explained why she prefers working in the independent wrestling scene as opposed to WWE.

Rousey has delved into her experiences with professional wrestling in her new book "Our Fight: A Memoir," and while discussing the book on an episode of "Wild Ride! with Steve-O," she detailed her future plans in the pro wrestling business.


"If I wrestle from now on I'm just going to do it on an indie show where I can wrestle for as long as I want, and prepare for as long as I want, and do whatever moves I want to do. And just do it with my friends and take all the anxiety out of it because it's just so needlessly stressful and dangerous the way that they [WWE] do it," said Rousey.

Since leaving WWE after SummerSlam 2023, Rousey has worked a few matches on the indies as well as a tag match for Ring of Honor. She described her experience in the WWE as a "disorganized sh** show" where very little coaching was given to develop skills, and often, last-minute decisions would be made leaving no time for rehearsal. 

"You can do such better matches if you're allowed to prepare and rehearse, and you can't try something new that you haven't done with somebody before," the UFC Hall of Famer said. 


She said that she was often thrown into matches with very little direction, with sometimes the only instructions being how much time was allotted and moves prohibited from being performed. 

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