Why WWE's Cody Rhodes Says He Didn't Need To 'Have A Moment' With Roman Reigns

For the last two years, the annual WWE WrestleMania has come to a close with a match between top stars Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes. While Reigns won the first time around, Rhodes overcame the long-reigning champion earlier this month at WrestleMania 40, and Reigns hasn't been back on WWE programming since. During a recent conversation on "SI Media with Jimmy Traina," Rhodes was asked if he had an opportunity to speak with Reigns following their match. The Undisputed WWE Champion stated that he didn't, and explained why he doesn't think it was necessary.


"[Roman Reigns did] something so special and epic, and I'm specifically talking about his run as champion," Rhodes said. "When you change the landscape of the company, when you help better the locker room situation for the talent surrounding you, when you bring the tide up for the entire company, which Roman did, and then you're part of something like WrestleMania 40, ... this might sound odd [but] we don't need to have a moment."

Rhodes continued by explaining that wrestlers bond with one another when they're out battling in front of an audience. Though he is praising Reigns at the moment, Rhodes said he won't be surprised if the former champion returns to the company looking to fight him, and that's just the nature of the wrestling business. Still, Rhodes looks forward to eventually having Reigns back.


"If I could put myself in his shoes, he knew that his run had been generational, that he had changed the industry," Rhodes stated. "You can count 10 people in the last 30 years who changed the business. I think he knew that he could walk out of the ballpark knowing that the ball was still sailing and WWE is gonna be just fine, if not even better, and we await the return of Roman Reigns."

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