Former WWE Stars Mace & Mansoor Debut For Soft Ground Wrestling Uganda Promotion

Independent promotion Soft Ground Wrestling Uganda has received attention on social media over the last several months for its grassroots dedication to the hobby and its playful sense of humor with characters like colonialist heel Lord White. The young promotion has welcomed some outside stars with former WWE wrestlers Mace (known in the indies as Mason D. Madden) and Mansoor making their debut in a pair of videos posted to the SGW Uganda X account.


In the first of the videos, Lord White can be seen boasting over SGW Uganda performer Cool-Man, getting revenge after Cool-Man had previously urinated on Lord White's grave when the character had temporarily died in a storyline. Madden and Mansoor then appear to interrupt the attack, complete with their own entrance music.

"What the bloody hell are you two clowns doing here?" Lord White asked. "You're not even part of SGW. You don't belong here! F**k off!"

In response, Mansoor told the villain that he and his partner had traveled to the promotion "to break the shackles of colonialism once and for all." The next video shows the former WWE stars teaming with Cool-Man against some of Lord White's associates, leading to Madden delivering a chop to Lord White and throwing the villain to Cool-Man. After spinning Lord White around on his shoulders, Cool-Man handed his rival off to Madden and Mansoor to land their finisher.


According to another former WWE star, Mojo Rawley (via X), Madden and Mansoor flew themselves to Uganda because they were fans of SGW. With just two videos posted so far, it seems likely the promotion will continue to put out footage featuring the two wrestlers.