WWE's Grayson Waller Discusses Working On Young Rock, Wrestling Being 'Cool Again'

Many praised The Rock's recent return to WWE and attributed his promo segments as bringing about a change to pro wrestling and making the sport "cool again," as the veteran himself claimed as well. Grayson Waller recently appeared on "Going Ringside" where he commented on the new air in the industry.


"He ain't wrong, he's not wrong," Waller said in agreement with The Rock. "The last four, five months? Anyone who's been in an arena knows that wrestling is cool again. The vibe is different. WrestleMania was fantastic because WrestleMania wasn't just wrestling."

According to Waller, not only has the sentiment online been that many are returning to wrestling, but he attests that his real-life friends have done the same. "The Rock is right, it is cool again. I have so many friends back home who haven't watched in a long time message me saying they're watching again and I love hearing that."

Waller also expressed how many people are now catching onto wrestling again due to The Rock and John Cena and claimed that he and the rest of the WWE roster have been "converting" curious viewers into fans. "They stay for A-Town Down Under. They stay for Jey Uso. They stay for Sami Zayn. They stay for all these other guys. This isn't just a main event show, from top to bottom, from start to finish. Right now, WWE is the best it's ever been, in my opinion."


Grayson Waller also touched on his portrayal of Ric Flair in Young Rock

During the same interview, Grayson Waller briefly recalled how he played Ric Flair for a brief scene in the "Young Rock" television series and was asked how it came about. According to the star, it was largely due to the Pandemic, which resulted in many American film productions moving their sets to Australia – which at the time had low cases of COVID-19.


"So, they moved production of Young Rock to Queensland, Australia," Waller recalled. He then pointed out how Flair is often described as the epitome of charisma in wrestling, and suggested that he is now as well. "It felt like a fun match, and you know, my scene was actually wrestling against Rocky Johnson which is kinda crazy now, having The Rock coming back and doing those type of things. It was a fun experience to put on the robe, put on the red boots, and kind of live as Ric for a day."

Lastly, he boldly proclaimed that he lived every guy's dream: "As a bloke, that's kind of everyone's dream: just to be one day as Ric Flair."

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