AEW Head Tony Khan Reacts To Warning From Oklahoma State Athletic Commission

Earlier this week, news emerged that the Oklahoma State Athletic Commission had sent a warning to All Elite Wrestling after the company had violated its ban on intergender wrestling. In particular, OSAC raised issues with a December 20, 2023 match between Nyla Rose, a transgender wrestler, and Alejandra Lion, a cisgender wrestler. As a result, the OSAC has threatened to take "punitive action" if AEW sanctions another match between a transgender and cisgender athlete in the state of Oklahoma. On the AEW Dynasty media call, AEW President Tony Khan addressed the Oklahoma State Athletic Commission's warning, asserting that he, and the entire AEW family, firmly support and embrace Nyla Rose.


"I was disappointed by the Commission's position and by that warning," Khan said. "I don't think we did anything wrong. I'm really, really shocked by it. I don't think there should be discrimination against transgender wrestlers or transgender people at all. They have rights, and to that end, I absolutely stand by Nyla Rose. AEW stands behind Nyla Rose and all transgender people who want to play sports. This is wrestling. There is nothing wrong with it. Nyla Rose is a great wrestler. She's been a great world champion and I love Nyla. I love working with Nyla."

"... She deserves the same chances as everybody else," Khan continued. "And if the AEW locker room, which consists of people from all over the world, all kinds of different backgrounds, all different beliefs, if everybody in the locker room can embrace Nyla, I would hope that the Oklahoma Commission could do the same thing."


As AEW continues to support Rose, Khan pointed out that Rose has been as equally supportive toward AEW, and its diverse roster of talent. Khan also reiterated that Rose remains an important part of AEW's history, as she stands as one of the talents brought in during the company's first year of operations, and the second-ever AEW Women's World Champion.

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