WWE's Corey Graves Gets Candid About Brothers Logan And Jake Paul

Love them or hate them, everything the Paul brothers touch turns to money. To your average, working-class person, the word "influencer" probably makes their skin crawl, but there's no discounting the success the not-yet-30 Logan and Jake have experienced in their respective — and adjacent — athletic fields. WWE fans have already seen what Logan can do. And fans of wider combat sports know Jake is a legitimate threat, a novelty in the ring no longer, with some impressive prizefight wins under his belt. 


The fact that their young fanbase laps up whatever randomness they post on social media makes them natural heels to the WWE Universe, however, which Corey Graves said is actually a gift during an appearance on "The Gunz Show." "That's charisma you can't teach," Graves said. "You're born with that, or you're not." Graves then rained praise on what we've seen from Logan so far as a WWE performer.

"Logan Paul has fed all of us an overabundance of crow," Graves said. "I think what Logan Paul has done is show the world and continue to prove to the world that he is who he says he is. You can't make a mockery of our business and survive in it. You can't stink the joint out on a regular basis and still be asked back or featured in these high profile situations. Logan has done the opposite." Meanwhile, Jake has made sporadic WWE appearances in support of his brother, but Graves thinks it's only a matter of time before WWE fans see him in a more prominent role. "On a long enough timeline, man, we've gotta have the Paul brothers competing in the tag team division at least once or twice," Graves said. "SummerSlam is in Cleveland this year, that's where the Paul brothers hail from. Just sayin.'"


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