Matt Cardona Offers Injury Update After Enduring Torn Pec

Matt Cardona previously confirmed the reports he had suffered an injury, and in a social media post, announced he had torn his pectoral muscle during a recent match. The injury will, unfortunately, slow down any momentum he had recently picked up, and the "Indie God" recently underwent surgery. In the latest update, Cardona confirmed that the surgery was a success, and thanked all those who have been supporting him. "Surgery done. The road to recovery starts now. Thanks to all who reached out. Thanks to @ImChelseaGreen for being by my side. Thanks to @DarylOsbahrMD for fixing me. You can't kill me ... I'm already dead."


Interestingly, Cardona recently made his return to AEW, where he reunited and clashed with Adam "Edge" Copeland. During the "Rated R Superstar's" tenure in WWE, Cardona was notably one of the "Edgeheads," making their match one filled with emotion and nostalgia. Due to this, some fans assumed the "Deathmatch King" might just sign with AEW, and finally break his lengthy tenure as a free agent. 

Cardona also made an appearance on TNA recently to help his long-term tag team partner and friend, Steph DeLander, but reports noted that he wasn't signing with the promotion. Notably, WWE is also another place many fans want to see him in, especially with his major character change since his run as "Zack Ryder." Either way, Cardona's next step will have to wait until he heals from his torn pectoral muscle. The torn pec injury could conceivably put Cardona out for up to six months, but luckily that means he'll likely be back in action within the year at least.