AEW Collision And Rampage Live Coverage 4/20/24: Bunkhouse Brawl

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s live coverage of AEW "Collision" and "Rampage"! We have three hours of television on the eve of the inaugural "AEW Dynasty" pay-per-view. "Rampage" will be live from the Peoria Civic Center in Peoria, Illinois.


Blackpool Combat Club (Claudio Castagnoli and Bryan Danielson) will face The Don Callis Family's Kyle Fletcher and Konosuke Takeshita in a Bunkhouse Brawl match.

Speaking of The Don Callis Family, Powerhouse Hobbs will also be in action.

In Trios action, The Elite (Young Bucks and Kazuchika Okada) will face FTR and PAC. The Bucks and FTR will have a ladder match tomorrow to crown the vacant tag team championships. Okada will put the Continental Championship on the line against PAC at "Dynasty".

More Trios action from the team of Adam Copeland, Mark Briscoe, and Eddie Kingston versus the team of Top Flight and Action Andretti.

The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens and Max Caster) will face The Gunns (Colten and Austin Gunn) in tag team action ahead of the Winner Takes All match at "Dynasty". The Acclaimed and Daddy Ass will put the AEW Trios titles up against the Bang Bang Gang's ROH Six-Man titles.


Skye Blue will face "Legit" Leyla Hirsch.

On "Rampage", there will be the first ever High Flying 420 Elimination 4-Way match. Rob Van Dam makes his return to AEW and will face "Big Shotty" Lee Johnson, Komander, and Isiah Kassidy.

Kyle O'Reilly, Rocky Romero, and Daddy Magic will take on the Undisputed Kingdom (Roderick Strong, Matt Taven, and Mike Bennett). Strong will defend the AEW International Championship against O'Reilly on Sunday.

Yuka Sakazaki will face Emi Sakura. We'll also hear from "Cool Hang" Angelo Parker in a segment that's already being talked about on social media. 

Adam Copeland, Eddie Kingston, & Mark Briscoe vs. Top Flight & Action Andretti

Nigel McGuinness is back on commentary this week alongside Tony Schiavone.

The team of Adam Copeland, Eddie Kingston, and Mark Briscoe made their way to the ring first.

Briscoe and Andretti start off the match with Andretti attempting Redneck KungFu, which backfired. Briscoe took Andretti down to the mat first. Andretti took Briscoe down with a headscissors followed by a dropkick. Briscoe hit Andretti with a forearm before tagging in Copeland. They double teamed Andretti.


Andretti took Copeland to the ropes for chops. Andretti connected with a springboard back elbow. Both members of Top Flight double team Copeland in the corner. Dante is legal and Copeland powerslammed him to the mat. Kingston tagged in and chopped Dante in the corner. Dante jumped off the top rope onto Kingston.

After the break, Kingston and Dante are still in the ring. Dante took Kingston down with a headscissors. Darius and Briscoe are both tagged in and exchange blows. Copeland is still in the ring, but Dante took care of both of them. Andretti flipped off the top rope on Copeland on the outside. Kingston did a tope suicida onto Dante. Lots of tag team shenanigans ensued.

All six men were in the ring and they all clotheslined each other simultaneously. Kingston and Andretti exchanged blows. Copeland DDT'd Darius, Briscoe put the Jay Driller on Dante. Copeland speared Andretti and Kingston pinned him.


Following the match, the lights went down and a House of Black promo played. 

The Acclaimed vs. The Gunns

Powerhouse Hobbs vs. CJ Esparza

Powerhouse Hobbs took on CJ Esparaza. There was a large size discrepancy. Esparza launched some body shots and Hobbs took him down with a lariat. He tossed him out of the ring. Hobbs slammed him several times on the apron. In the ring, Hobbs put him in the torture rack until he submitted.


Don Callis left commentary to cut a promo while being heavily booed. Hobbs vs. Moxley on "Dynamite" will now be for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. 

The Acclaimed were accompanied by Daddy Ass while The Gunns were accompanied by Jay White.

Tony Schiavone told The Gunns if they walk out tonight, they won't get a match tomorrow. They got in the ring and immediately got jumped by The Acclaimed. The Acclaimed put Scissor Me Timbers on Austin. Colten caused Caster to fall and hit his face on the turnbuckle. Bowens and Austin fought on the outside.

After the break, The Gunns had Caster in a double Boston Crab. Austin got out of the ring, while Colten held him in a Boston Crab. The Gunns took turns tagging in and out. Bowens tagged in and he took out both Gunns. He did the Fame Asser on Colten.


Bowens had Colten on his shoulders and Austin pulled Colten's arms. Austin nearly pinned Bowens, but the ref caught him with his legs on the ropes. Bowens did a neckbreaker on Colten. Bowens nearly pinned him, but Austin broke it up.

Austin grabbed Bowen's leg was the ref was distracted. Colten did the Fame Asser. The Gunns went for a 3:10 to Yuma on Bowens, but he avoided it. Austin punched Caster in the back of the neck. Caster slammed Austin and went to the top rope, but Colten pushed him. Bowens back in. The Gunns doubled teamed Bowens. Caster did the Mic Drop.

White put his bat between the ropes. Colten grabbed the bat and held the pin on Caster for the win.

Bryan Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli vs. Kyle Fletcher & Konsuke Takeshita

Blackpool Combat Club made their way to the ramp when they were jumped by Fletcher and Takeshita. They brawled down the ramp and over the barricades into the crowd. Danielson took on Fletcher while Castagnoli took on Takeshita. Castagnoli threw a trash can at Takeshita.


All four men made their way back to the outside of the ring. Takeshita hit Castagnoli in the back and stomach with the ring bell. Danielson choked Fletcher with the camera cord and then dragged him with it.

Castagnoli and Takeshita made it to the ring while Danielson and Fletcher fought on the outside. Takeshita bit Castagnoli on the head before he got put in The Swing. Danielson dropkicked Takeshita on the last swing. Castagnoli had Takeshita in a sharp shooter. Danielson was on the apron when Fletcher threw a chair at Danielson's head and cut it.

Fletcher got in the ring with powder and he threw it at Castagnoli. Fletcher powerbombed Castagnoli.

Following the break, Takeshita had Danielson up, but Danielson reversed into a DDT. Castagnoli hit Fletcher in the back of the head with a Superman Punch. Castagnoli moved the steel steps and slammed Fletcher's head into repeatedly, making Fletcher's head bleed. Castagnoli got Takeshita on the apron and laid him across the top rope for Danielson to double stomp his back. Castagnoli and Fletcher fought on the outside while Danielson kicked Takeshita in the chest and followed with a spinning heel kick.


Fletcher grabbed Danielson's leg from the outside. Castagnoli was German suplexed by Takeshita. Takeshita and Fletcher did stereo brainbusters. Fletcher got a chain from under the ring. He threw it to Takeshita. Takeshita wrapped it around his arm and went for a discus lariat, but Danielson kicked him. Danielson and Castagnoli had stereo LeBell locks and Hobbs got involved. Moxley came down for the save. Moxley took Hobbs over the barricade while they fought through the crowd.

Fletcher repeatedly hit Danielson with a microphone. Takeshita got a chair and Fletcher brought Danielson to him. Danielson reversed and put Takeshita through the chair. Castagnoli wrapped the chain around his arm and hit Fletcher. Castagnoli had a boxed figurine and he ran off the rope and hit Takeshita with the toy. Danielson hit a Busiaku knee and then choked Fletcher with the chain.

After the match, Danielson said he wrestled a Bunkhouse Brawl because his heaven is standing in the ring, bleeding in front of the fans.

Skye Blue vs. Leyla Hirsch

Skye Blue took Hirsch down immediately. The women exchanged blows. Blue went for the Code Blue, but Hirsch reversed out and took Hirsch down. Blue rolled out of the ring. Hirsch went to dive on her through the ropes, but Blue hit her in the face with a forearm.


Blue kicked Hirsch and then suplexed her. She held Hirsch's neck over the rope with her leg. Hirsch and Blue exchanged a couple of forearms. Blue slammed her face into the turnbuckle and then did a cartwheel into a forearm. Hirsch hit an armdrag on Blue.

Hirsch went to the turnbuckle, but was hit in the back. Blue kicked Hirsch in the face between the knees. Both women fought up top. Hirsch set up for a sunset flip. She flipped over Blue and pulled her down. Hirsch fell off the turnbuckle. Blue put Hirsch in a dragon submission for the win.

The Elite vs. FTR & PAC

The Bucks came out first and milked their entrance before being joined by Okada. PAC made his way to the ramp and Okada motioned him to come down to the ring. Cash blew his nose and wiped his butt with Okada Dollars on the way to the ring.


PAC and Okada stared one another down after the bell rang. The Bucks got in the ring, but PAC was ready. He threw Okada's face in the turnbuckle before kicking him several times. He threw Okada into the opposite corner and Cash tagged in. He uppercut Okada and tagged PAC in. The Elite were on the outside when FTR and PAC baseball slid into them.

PAC slammed Okada's head on the commentary desk. Dax was tagged in and hit Okada in the corner. Okada fought back in the middle of the ring and tagged Matthew in. Cash hit uppercuts on Matthew.

PAC and FTR isolated Okada in the corner. The Bucks took out FTR. PAC had Okada in the Rings of Saturn and the Bucks broked it up. The Elite was going to dive on their opponents, but they moved. FTR and PAC slammed The Elite into each other.


After the break, Matthew punched Cash a few times and put him in a headlock. Cash slammed Matthew down. Nicholas tagged in and isolated Cash. Okada tagged in and flipped himself onto cash. The Elite took turns tagging in. PAC tagged in who immediately takes down Nicholas. PAC hit him with forearm shot and followed with kicks. PAC suplexed Nicholas.

The Elite took turns running at PAC. PAC dove on the Bucks on the outside. PAC and Dax double teamed Okada. PAC went up top when the Bucks distracted him. Okada hit him in the big boot. Okada had the referee while the Bucks beat up PAC. Okada faceplanted PAC once he got back in the ring.

After the break, The Bucks doubled teamed PAC. Dax tagged in and punched Nicholas several times. Dax hit a brainbuster on Okada. Dax knocked Nicholas down from the top rope. Matthew and Nicholas fell on top of one another in a suggestive position.

The Bucks double teamed Dax. Matthew superkicked Nicholas when Dax moved. Okada told Dax to hit him, so Dax hit multiple forearms. Okada hit a dropkick and put him in the Rainmaker. Dax reversed into the sharpshooter. PAC and Cash held the Bucks, but they broke free. Okada dropkicked Dax and the Bucks hit him with double enzuiguris.


All six men were in the ring. The Elite had their opponents in the corner. Dax superplexed Nicholas and PAC hit a 450 splash. All six men exchanged blows in the middle of the ring. The Bucks hit PAC with the Shatter Machine followed by the EVP trigger. Cash broke up the pin. FTR hit the Shatter Machine on Matthew. Shenanigans on the outside.

PAC hit the Falcon Arrow on Matthew for the win.

After the match, The Elite attacked their opponents. Daniel Garcia tried to make the save, but got beat up. FTR, Pac, and Garcia beat up Okada. The Bucks pulled him from the ring.

RVD vs. Komander vs. Lee Johnson vs. Isiah Kassidy

"Rampage" opened with a promo from Mox about his match against Hobbs next week.

RVD made his way to the ring first followed by Isiah Kassidy, Lee Johnson, and Komander.

All four men started in the ring with loud "R-V-D" chants. RVD went toward Kassidy and then sat on the turnbuckle. Kassidy got on his knees and taunted Komander. Komander and Johnson kicked him simultaneously. RVD roundhouse kicked Johnson. Komander went to kick RVD and missed. Kassidy attempted a Rolling Thunder, but RVD got out of the way. RVD did a backbreaker and a Rolling Thunder on Kassidy.


Johnson threw RVD out of the ring and Komander dove on RVD. Johnson did a tope suicida on all his opponents on the outside. Johnson did a spinning takedown of Kassidy. Kassidy raked Johnson's eyes and pinned him to eliminate him.

After the break, Kassidy and Komander are in the ring. Komander tossed Kassidy outside onto the apron. Komander did a diving fist onto RVD in the corner. Komander did a moonsault on Kassidy on the outside. RVD punched Komander in the gut. Komander reversed Rvd into a hurricanrana. Komander attempted to pin Kassidy. Komander walked across the rope, but Kassidy pulled the ropes down and made him fall.

Kassidy signed 420 to RVD and tried to get him to leave the ring so they could go smoke. Kassidy checked his gear for weed and rolled up RVD. RVD hit Komander with a spinning heel kick. RVD started to go up top when Marq Queen pulled him out. Komander dove off the top rope onto Kassidy. He pinned Kassidy to eliminate him.


Komander and RVD are the final two. Komander rolled up RVD. RVD rolled up Komander. RVD rolled through and nearly got pinned. RVD went for the Northern Lights, but Komander got out and hit an enzuiguri. Komander went up top, but RVD made him fall to the turnbuckle. RVD had Komander up, but Komander got down and landed on his feet. RVD hit a Five Star Frog Splash for the win.

Yuka Sakazki vs. Emi Sakura

Sakura attacked Sakazaki as soon as she got in the ring. Sakura went for an early pin. She slapped Sakazaki in the chest a few times. Sakazaki kicked Sakura in the face. Sakazaki hit a sliding lariat and then held Sakura in a front face lock.


Sakura bit Sakazaki's arm. Sakazaki kicked her in the mid-section. Sakazaki took a spill on the outside. Sakura slapped her across the chest against the commentary desk. She tried to use energy drinks as weapons, but Bryce Remsburg stopped him. She tried to make him kiss her hand.

Sakura chased Sakazaki around the ring, then Sakazaki chased her. Sakura threw Sakazaki into the ring and got kicked in the head. Sakazaki took Sakura down with head scissors.

After the break, Sakazaki got crossbodied off the apron. Sakura put her against the steps and hit another crossbody. Sakura with a double underhook and followed with a backbreaker. Sakura went to the top, but Sakazaki kicked her in the gut. She used the ropes to take Sakura down and pinned her.


Undisputed Kingdom vs. Kyle O'Reilly, Rocky Romero, & Matt Menard

Undisputed Kingdom came to the ring without Wardlow.

O'Reilly and Bennett got in the ring, but O'Reilly wanted Strong. Strong slapped Menard in the side of the head and tagged Bennett back in. Bennett with a side headlock before taking O'Reilly down. O'Reilly worked the arm and tagged in Menard. Bennett tagged in Taven. Menard took him down with an arm drag. Romero tagged in and pushed Bennett off the apron. Romero hit a tejares. Bennett tried to help Taven and Romero hit him. Bennett and Taven double teamed Romero.


Strong tagged in and isolated Romero in the corner. Bennett tagged in and he double teamed him with Strong. Taven tagged in again.

After the break, Romero escaped Strong's ankle lock. Taven tagged in to take down Romero and then tagged Bennett in. Romero hit an uppercut and then double hurricanranas. Menard tagged in and took down Bennett. In the corner, Menard rained down punches. Bennett hit Menard with a back elbow. Menard put Bennett in a Boston Crab. Taven kicked him in the back of the head.

Taven did a moonsault and tried to pin Menard. O'Reilly tagged in and kicked Taven in the face. He threw Strong to the outside. O'Reilly with a dragon screw on Strong. O'Reilly put Bennett in a triangle and an ankle lock on Taven. Strong broke it up. Strong and O'Reilly exchanged chops and kicks.


Strong hit a backbreaker on O'Reilly. Strong hit a couple of back elbows. Bennett tagged in and O'Reilly got Strong to tap, but it wasn't legal. Taven punched O'Reilly who took him down with a lariat. O'Reilly with brainbuster. Bennett tapped after being put in an armbar.

After the match, O'Reilly said in 24 hours, he'd be the new International Champion.