Bryan Danielson Comments On Potential Retirement Ahead Of AEW Dynasty

Bryan Danielson will wrestle Will Ospreay in a first-time dream match between the generational talents at AEW Dynasty. Danielson has enjoyed a run of first time match ups since making his way to AEW in 2021, something thought to be impossible when he announced his injury-forced retirement in 2016. The former WWE star touched on the topic of retiring again while talking to Sports Illustrated


"After I am no longer wrestling full-time, that will be different," said Danielson. "Unless something happens medically, I'll never retire. Now will it be my best work? I don't know. But there is something to be said about going out and performing in front of a small audience, which I am very passionate about... But that's later on. Now, expect the best. That's what you're going to get at Dynasty."

Bryan Danielson has promised that he will be calling his shots over the next year as he prepares to wind down his full-time wrestling career. He did just that when he confronted Will Ospreay after an emotional victory over Kyle Fletcher during "AEW Dynamite" in March — days after Danielson had failed in his latest attempt to win gold in AEW. Speaking of his opponent this weekend, the "American Dragon" spoke of his excitement while labeling Ospreay the "modern evolution of wrestling."


"I'm really excited to be wrestling him. Think of all the history in St. Louis, especially with 'Wrestling at the Chase'. I can't wait for this show. This is a chance for me to produce my best work... I'll close my eyes during the match so I can feel what wrestling him feels like. Ever since I was forced to retire, I do that in my matches. Soon, I'm not going to feel that on a regular basis."