Kazuchika Okada Opens First-Ever AEW Dynasty With Strong Continental Title Win Over PAC

The newest member of The Elite, Kazuchika Okada, retained the AEW Continental Championship in his first title defense at Dynasty, but not without taking a beating from challenger PAC. The "Bastard" almost had the "Rainmaker's" number on multiple occasions throughout the match.


PAC and Okada, who faced off in singles action for the first time ever Sunday night on the first-ever broadcast of the Dynasty PPV, locked up to kick off the show. The hard-hitting action had both men outside of the ring at multiple points, including when Okada hit a DDT to PAC onto the floor, and PAC barely beat the 10-count. PAC retaliated by hitting a springboard moonsault to Okada on the outside, and the champion got back in the ring at the count of eight.

Okada capitalized at one point, hyping up the crowd before flipping them off to boos and chants of "f*** Okada" from those in attendance. PAC took advantage of the champion being distracted and got two near falls, before missing a big move from the top rope when Okada moved out of the way. The men then traded Tombstones. PAC hit the second piledriver and went to the top rope, looking for the Black Arrow, but Okada began to hang on to the referee's legs, distracting his opponent. When Pac attempted the Black Arrow again after pushing the referee aside, Okada got his knees up, and was able to hit the Rainmaker for the victory.