Chris Jericho Wins FTW Championship At AEW Dynasty Amidst Chorus Of Crowd Scorn

Hook sat under "The Learning Tree" at AEW Dynasty and it fell on top of him. FTW Championship is now in the possession of an ECW original, as former ECW World Television Champion Chris Jericho.

Jericho defeated former champion Hook, scion of the belt's inventor, in an FTW Rules match, essentially meaning there are no rules. Hook put up a valiant fight, even kicking out of the Judas Effect. Jericho walloped Hook with a baseball bat to finally score the pinfall, in full view of Hook's father Taz, with the crowd raining down boos and pleas for Jericho to recover. The win marks Jericho's first reign with the FTW title and his second singles title in AEW, as he was the inaugural AEW World Champion. The title was initially created by Taz in ECW as a protest against the actual ECW Championship, eventually becoming a sanctioned title in AEW.


Hook had been FTW Champion since All In in Wembley Stadium in August, when Hook defeated Jack Perry in a controversial match that led to a backstage altercation between Perry and CM Punk. The altercation resulted in Punk being fired from AEW.