Why WWE's Corey Graves Says The Rock Is Like A 'Real-Life Superhero'

"WWE SmackDown" commentator Corey Graves has talked about being star-struck by The Rock, and why "The People's Champion" is akin to a superhero.

While his insertion into the main event at WrestleMania 40 was initially met with skepticism, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's recent return to wrestling has been regarded as one of the best runs in his successful career. The WWE legend has brought his unique charisma to the wrestling ring, the big screen, and his many successful entrepreneurial ventures. While speaking on an episode of  "The Gunz Show," Graves spoke about what it is like being around "The Great One." 


"Rock is like a real-life superhero. He is physically massive; his smile literally lights up a room from across. The Rock has presence and has charisma," said Graves.

Graves said that despite the amount of time he has been in the business — and the high-profile superstars he has worked with — he never fails to be star-struck when encountering The Rock. "When you stand in the same room or even in the same arena, as many of the fans have learned recently, when he says he's 'The Most Electrifying Man,' there is not a better way to describe him because when his music hits, it's like electricity runs through the arena and shoots everybody out of their seats to their feet immediately, instinctively."


The WWE commentator recommended that fans rewatch footage of The Rock making his entrance in his recent run, stating that his connection with fans is unmistakable. "There is not a butt in a seat in any arena."

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