Video: AEW Footage Of Bryan Danielson Getting Care After Will Ospreay Dynasty Match

Fans are still trying to process what they witnessed in the dream match between Bryan Danielson and Will Ospreay at AEW Dynasty. The match has been universally acclaimed, but the ending had some people worried for Danielson's health. Ospreay hit Danielson with the Storm Driver '93, with the latter visibly distressed after landing on his shoulder, causing the doctors to try and intervene. However, Ospreay didn't see the doctors in time, hit Danielson with the Hidden Blade, and picked up the win. The doctors then attended to Danielson afterward, with Ospreay seemingly worried that he may have ended his opponent's career. Fortunately, Danielson left the ring safely, and AEW cameras captured what happened when he got backstage, sharing the footage on X (formerly known as Twitter).


As the footage shows, Danielson was helped to the trainers' office by Ospreay and Dr. Michael Samson, with the Englishman offering as much help as he could to make sure that "The American Dragon" would be fine. Once Ospreay left the trainers' office, the doctors asked Danielson if there was anything he needed, to which he asked for the cameras to get out.

The Storm Driver '93 was originally called The Tiger Driver '91 and was used by Japanese legend Mitsuharu Misawa in AJPW. The move was only used sparingly as it was deemed extremely dangerous, to the point that when Ospreay used it on Kenny Omega at the 2023 Forbidden Door pay-per-view, many viewers believed that the move was either a botch on Ospreay's behalf or that it should not be used ever again out of the fear that it could genuinely injure someone.